Summer quick-acting whitening method

No matter how thick the sunscreen is applied, how much whitening method is done, it seems that it can't do all-round sun protection, and the whitening can't keep it. In fact, as long as the correct method is used, the following whitening tips can be used together, and the long-lasting whitening is no longer used. Just a dream.

One of the whitening tips: energy-efficient whitening products

The method of choosing the whitening method is first of all a pair of products, especially in the summer, the sunscreen isolation is good, it is to isolate the sun and other hidden troubles such as ultraviolet rays, but the body does not have the melanin and free radicals. Smooth export, then want to have white and translucent skin is still a dream level. Therefore, the method of skin whitening must start with the selection of the right energy-efficient whitening products, especially in summer.

Whitening Tip 2: Sunscreen is perfect without dead ends

If you don't have a good sunscreen in the summer, it will be a very difficult thing to turn white. Sunscreen is also an important part of the correct whitening method, effectively preventing UV rays from attacking, high-temperature sunscreen and performing sunscreen rubbing every three hours. At the same time, combined with all other sun protection facilities and means, Such as hats and umbrellas, etc., in order to perfectly resist the summer's ultraviolet rays.

Whitening Tip 3: Do a good job of cleaning the base

The correct whitening method in summer must first thoroughly cleanse the skin and give the skin a free breathing space. This not only can regulate the skin, promote the absorption of whitening products, but also prevent the dust and makeup in the air from remaining on the skin. The surface layer precipitates as the source of skin spots.

Whitening Tip 4: Moisturizing work to do

The method of skin whitening is a systematic theory. In this system, moisturizing is an important part of it. The whiteness of dryness is the whitening without soul and meaning. Only the transparent and whiteness is the real demand of the skin. In the summer, in order to achieve the goal of skin moisturizing and whitening, the moisturizing mask twice a week is undoubtedly the best choice.

Whitening tips 5: Give your skin some vitamins

The correct and effective whitening method is not only achieved through skin care products, but also with the corresponding diet and good living habits, it can also achieve the goal of whitening skin, and can also accelerate the energy efficiency of whitening products on the skin. For example, eating more vitamin-rich foods can be of great benefit to skin whitening projects.

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