I can teach you so skin care

In fact, as long as the skin care method is correct, you can become a beautiful leader! Let's take a look at how to skin care.

Correct face washing is the first step in skin care

Yi Nengjing believes that washing your face is very important for everyone. You must choose the right face-washing product. The delicate hands are the best face-washing tools. You don't have to worry about finding other tools.

Recommended products: Lange pore deep cleansing foam cleanser

Recommended reason: cleaning can not only focus on the surface, Lange pore deep cleansing foam facial cleanser deep clean pores, decompose too much oil and keratin, make skin pores clear, fundamentally improve skin quality, let you have moist and elastic skin .

I can teach you so skin care

Lange Pore Deep Cleansing Foaming Cleanser

Give the eyes a feast of plants

Many people say that Yi Nengjing’s eyes are beautiful, which is naturally the result of diligent maintenance. Yi Nengjing said: eye skin is very delicate, choose eye skin care products have to choose mild plant skin care products, in addition to regular eye mask, as long as it is best to buy moisturizing and anti-wrinkle full-effect eye cream.

Recommended products: time sea wild rose fragrance SPA eye mask

Recommended reason: The eye essence of the delivery is a feast of plants. It has a super anti-oxidant complex that is effective against aging, edema, and delicate eye skin. The steam temperature makes the eye essence absorb more thoroughly, with natural rose fragrance. It can effectively relieve stress and improve sleep, suitable for home, travel and office use.

I can teach you so skin care

Time sea wild rose fragrance SPA eye mask

Recommended products: Le Penny Love Platinum Eye Cream

   Recommended reason: 臻Love Platinum Eye Cream contains colloidal platinum, which enhances the skin's own moisturizing defense ability, regulates the skin, promotes the absorption of nutrients, doubles the skin around the eyes, brightens the skin, diminishes the pigmentation of the eye area, and is naturally tight. The skin factor gently lifts the eye bags while lifting the skin, slowing down the skin's aging.

I can teach you so skin care

Le Penny loves platinum eye cream

The best whitening tool

Yi Nengjing: It is recommended to use non-alcoholic products. Cucumber water is the best whitening tool. It can be used with sunscreen to ensure skin whitening.

Recommended products: Ke Yan's Cucumber Plant Extract Toner

Recommended reason: Non-alcoholic mild toner with plant extract, can naturally balance conditioning and refreshing, to soothe moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, balanced skin suitable for extremely dry, dry, medium dry, and sensitive Use for sexual skin.

I can teach you so skin care

Ke Yan's Cucumber Plant Extract Toner

Recommended products: Olay Pure White Formula Clearing Moisturizing UV Cream

Recommended reason: Provide SPF30+/PA+++ broad-spectrum high-power sunscreen, which can effectively resist UV rays. The texture is light and non-greasy. It can repair the skin, maintain the skin's antioxidant power, and protect the skin while moisturizing.

I can teach you so skin care

Olay Pure White Formula Clearing Moisturizing UV Cream

Make-up remover thoroughly

It’s not just Yi Nengjing’s belief that other stars, such as the Big S, are advocating for makeup removal. Although the makeup removal process looks very trivial and cumbersome, the makeup is completely removed, so that the damage of the makeup product to the skin can be minimized, and various skin problems can be avoided. Therefore, no matter how tired the work is, it is necessary to remove makeup.

Recommended products: Biore Deep Cleansing Cleansing Milk

Recommended reason: Biore deep cleansing lotion with small makeup remover, gently remove makeup and dirt between pores and skin texture, weak acid wash and remove makeup, mild and non-irritating, bring skin a refreshing breath, cleansing face, Convenient and efficient.

I can teach you so skin care

Soft and Cleansing Cleansing Milk

Be sure to moisturize after exfoliation

Yi Nengjing has to DIY every week to adjust the exfoliating mask, but it is also recommended that skin care should not be DIY as much as possible. Instead, choose a mild exfoliating product, and be sure to moisturize after finishing the keratin. In addition, the main concern is that MM with large pores should not use granular exfoliating products, but use exfoliating products.

Recommended products: Sisley Exfoliating Conditioning Cream

Recommended reason: Sisley Exfoliating Conditioning Cream can gently remove impurities and dirt on the skin surface, promote the vitality of the skin's epidermal layer, and enhance the absorption capacity of subsequent skin care products. It is especially ideal for sensitive skin, fragile skin and large pores.

I can teach you so skin care

Sisley Exfoliating Conditioning Cream

Improve skin relaxation

Mention static skin, edema and other issues, Yi Nengjing has another coup: "In the evening, inject a large half of the bottle of water into the bottle, freeze it in the refrigerator, and wake up the next morning after washing the face, it can effectively improve the skin slack and avoid Decree lines." Of course, just ice is not enough, but also appropriate nutrition for the skin.

Recommended products: Sea Blue Mystery Revitalizing Essence

Recommended reason: When the silky texture, the skin penetrates into the muscles and completely absorbs, you will see the skin's touch and change; day after day, fade wrinkles, fine pores, firm texture and contour, create a counter-time The youthful beauty is the promise of La Mer's mystery, and the myth that you can witness!

I can teach you so skin care ,

Sea Blue Mystery Revitalizing Essence

It’s better to use the skin care products.

Yi Nengjing: I use very little skin care products, that is, use moisturizing lotion, day cream, night cream, because the skin care products are not as good as the ones used.

Recommended products: Estee Lauder Instant Repair Special Serum

Recommended reason: to strengthen the skin's natural repair ability, continue to repair the skin caused by UV, environmental pollution, life stress and other factors, soothing the daily skin's various stimuli, can immediately moisturize, keep the skin supple, Create the best healthy environment for your skin.

I can teach you so skin care

Estee Lauder Instant Repair Special Serum

Recommended products: Chanel Chanel Multi-Action Moisturizing Cream

Recommended reason: Chanel Multi-Action Moisturizing Cream has excellent skin rejuvenation effect, activates skin growth factor, deposits cell metabolism, replenishes skin and renews skin.

I can teach you so skin care

Chanel Multi-Action Moisturizing Cream

Recommended products: Dior nectar live silky night cream

Recommended reason: At night, the natural detoxification formula and the effective nourishment, renewal and anti-oxidation effect of the beauty nectar will repair the skin and restore the skin from the stress of the daytime.

I can teach you so skin care

Dior Nectar Live Silk Night Cream

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