I can teach you so skin care

In fact, as long as the skin care method is correct, you can become a beautiful leader! Let's take a look at how to skin care. Correct face washing is the first step in skin care Yi Nengjing believes that washing your face is very important for everyone. You must choose the right face-washing ----more

Summer quick-acting whitening method

No matter how thick the sunscreen is applied, how much whitening method is done, it seems that it can't do all-round sun protection, and the whitening can't keep it. In fact, as long as the correct method is used, the following whitening tips can be used together, and the long-lasting white ----more

Will skin care products put better in the refrigerator?

1. In addition to “eat cold drinks for the skin”, will “ice” skin care products promote skin care? The significance of placing skin care products in the refrigerator is not only "ice", but also to extend the storage time of skin care products. The key is to extend ----more

Furniture trade-in is not warm and does not attract con…

Page 1: The old-fashioned furniture is not warm and the fire does not attract consumers. The effect is not obvious. Page 2: Furniture is old and new, not warm and not fire, attracting consumers is not obvious In Beijing, several home-based stores that participated in the “old-for-new” ----more

Evaluation of the first issue: Federal Gordon deep waln…

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] The Federal Golden product technology standard is unique. Some of the processes are groundbreaking in the industry. They have advantages in the structure of the cabinet, the depth of the cabinet and the details of the craft. Forming environmentally friendly, exqu ----more

Gateball: a sport for the elderly

In modern life, what kind of sports are suitable for middle-aged and older people? More and more people think that slow exercise is most suitable for the elderly, it can promote the physical and mental health of the elderly and achieve longevity, while the goalball is slow. Th ----more

Spray Painting Technology Features and Application of A…

The substrate material is not limited, can be metal and non-metal, can be sprayed on a variety of substrate materials sprayable coating material is extremely wide, thermal spraying technology can be used to spray almost all solid engineering materials, such as carbide, ceramics, Metal, graphite, e ----more