Red Apple 329-35 Health and environmental protection bo…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Children, is a special group, pure and fragile, full of curiosity about everything outside. Although the body and age are not mature, there are many ideas and personality. Children, the treasures of every family, are responsive, and they are best served as ----more

The unique design of the brand ice maker

Snowflake ice machine is one of our common ice bath instruments. Because of its super design, it is widely welcomed by many experimenters. Snowflake ice machine uses the world famous brand-Italy Zanussi compressor, which has a good cooling effect. The noise is particularly low, the stability is pa ----more

The role of the high and low temperature test chamber i…

Electronic products: mobile phones, computers, telephones, watches, air conditioners, electric lights, etc. are everywhere around us, and none of these products require high-temperature and low-temperature reliability tests. The high and low temperature test box is indispensable. Both the temperat ----more

Explain the distribution of the gain of the cryostat am…

Shanghai Bilang Instrument is a professional manufacturer of low temperature thermostats. The advantages of the company's low temperature thermostats are high refrigeration efficiency and low noise. The instrument is stable and reliable, and the operation is convenient and safe. The editor of ----more

The import and export trade of China's instrumentat…

Instrumentation is a high-tech industry. Instrumentation products are widely used in various fields of the economy and society. Whether it is control devices, optical instruments, measuring instruments, or analytical instruments, the accuracy of control and the accuracy of analysis and measurement ----more

Acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis is an electrophoresis method using polyacrylamide gel as a supporting medium. On this support medium, it can be separated according to the molecular size and molecular charge of the substance to be separated. Polyacrylamide gel has the following advantages: â ----more

Logitech keyboard enters the intelligent age

Someone once asked me if you want to live in a society without any electronic devices and no network, what should you do? Indeed, with the development of the times, we enjoy all the convenience and convenience brought by the Internet. Moreover, with the improvement of living standards and the enh ----more