Transfer paper seam avoidance technology in cigarette p…

The meaning of seam avoidance Although most cigarette pack printing companies now use leaflet printing methods, with the deepening of mergers and reorganizations in the tobacco industry, cigarette pack printing companies must face the reality that cigarette pack order brands are gradually decreas ----more

Printing factory to reduce paper waste considerations

“A lot of printers don’t keep a detailed record of paper waste or haven’t recorded it at all. We were very surprised,” Mr. Lampatter said. “The paper should be recorded after the purchase of printing paper, and the use of paper, waste paper, and waste paper should b ----more

Several commonly used disc disk surface printing method…

From the software CD that we bought from the software store, we can see that its printing surface, that is, the surface of the disk is printed very beautifully. If ordinary users want to print their own discs, what should they do? In fact, the printing of optical discs does not necessarily require ----more

Cosmetic label printing stunt

Due to the uniqueness of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging labels must be both protective, functional, and decorative, and any neglect can affect the development of a brand of cosmetics. Consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance of cosmetic packaging. In a variety of stores, wh ----more

American Thermoelectric Corporation Brings a Variety of…

American Thermoelectricity introduced several high-performance inspection machines at the show: the new Apex high-performance metal detectors, which utilize new “multi-coil” technology and the latest protection technology, combined with new digital signal processing software ( DSP), th ----more

Inkjet technology is the new favorite of packaging solu…

By tracking the safety of product identification, inkjet technology provides brand owners with a new product security solution. With inkjet technology, packaging and processing companies and printing companies can immediately start work without plate making or other tedious preparations, especial ----more

Imax launches the 9040 inkjet printer

Imam introduced the 9040 continuous inkjet printer, retaining some of the features of its successful 9020 and 9030 printers. The new Imaje 9040 can be easily integrated into any production line, using a single- or dual-jet printhead, with one or two printheads, three different resolutions, and enh ----more