[Equipment information] Canon launched HDTV portable zo…

On April 3, 2015, Canon announced the launch of a new HDTV portable zoom lens HJ24ex7.5B, which provides a 24x zoom ratio of the leading 1 in the same class, with focal lengths ranging from 7.5mm to 180mm. HJ24ex7.5B (IRSE S / IASE S2) The Canon HJ24ex7.5B has been improved on its predecessor ----more

Learn whitening techniques with spring white porcelain …

Learn whitening techniques with spring white porcelain muscles Now in some southern cities such as Guangzhou, the higher temperatures have already put everyone in shorts and short sleeves. Want to go on the street, the rate of returning is soaring, in addition to good looks, good skin is also an ----more

Plastic bottle waste making watering can

Making use of waste plastic bottles watering craft materials: oiler with a handle or the like material barrels, scissors On the opposite side of the handle, poke some small holes with scissors or awl One side of the handle, a small opening at the upper end Water can be ----more

Animal stick figure zebra and lion

Animal stick figure zebra and lion Hospital Bed For HomeClinical Nursing Bed,Multifunction Nursing Bed,Hospital Bed For Home,Low Height Adjustable BedJiangmen Jia Mei Medical Products Co.,Ltd. , https://www.jiamei-medical.com ----more

[Outdoor knowledge] Novice learning surfing skills must…

Surfing is definitely a very exciting outdoor sport. Using the power of the waves, controlling the skills of the surfboards, standing in the middle of the sea, letting the waves whistle, how can it feel cool? Surfing is a very professional sport. Generally, people should never try it. If there ar ----more

Canine TGF-β1 ELISA Kit

Canine TGF-β1 ELISA Kit For the quantitative in vitro determination of Canine transforming growth factor β1 concentrations in serum - plasma - celiac fluid - tissue homogenate - body fluid FOR LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE IN DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES. This package insert must be ELISA ----more

The furniture industry leverages e-commerce to achieve …

In the morning, Fu Yingchao was discussing with her staff an improvement plan for a mattress designed specifically for e-commerce platforms. At the beginning of the design of this kind of mattress, the problem of not seeing the physical object by the online customer was fully considered. The compa ----more