Common paper failures during printing (below)

3 Reasons for the formation of such pleats in large gull-shaped pleats (1) The corners of large water-papers are curled up, and grippers are not good. (2) Paper grippers on one side of the paper are too light. (3) Paper angles float. (4) The side specified position is not proper, and the paper ----more

Bright and colorful candy packaging (2)

Source: CHNdesign The adorable cat house with recycled, corregated cardboard inside and out. Cut out makes the perfect resting place; Comes with premium USA catnip. Made from recycled and recycable cardboard and non-toxic glue. it can be made with one rooms or sever ----more

Printing machine properties file (below)

3, The maximum density in the field, the minimum expansion of outlets, and the best performance of gray balance. These 3 points are related and attached to each other. Here we discuss together. First of all, one of our important principles is to ensure the best In the gray balance state, the minim ----more

The advantages and development of miniature corrugated …

In recent years, micro-corrugated cardboard has emerged in the Chinese market, which has increasingly attracted the attention of people in the industry. It has been predicted that micro-corrugated cardboard will likely replace most of the folded cardboard for packaging. Corrugated type Corrugate ----more

Product Packaging and Enterprise Competitiveness (II)

Packaging strategy Packaging strategies that are compatible with the product 1. Series packaging strategy That is, the series of products produced by companies with similar quality and similar uses have the same pattern and similar color on the packaging to reflect the common characteristics of ----more

How to determine the color ratio through the dot

When we do design, we often encounter some scanned manuscripts, but scanning into the computer often finds that the colors are different from the originals of the scanned ones due to scanning or display. The re-adjustment will also find that the colors printed or printed are not the same. . Some p ----more

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping film

[patent type] invention patent [patent name] fruit and vegetable preservation film [applicant] Yang Haiming [inventor] Yang Haiming [main applicant address] No. 12, Lane 35, Prince Edward Fourth Street, Rende Township, Tainan City, Taiwan [application number] 200510022632.9 【 Application Da ----more