Eight strokes home feng shui coup to keep you away from villains

1, the living room is in the middle of the house

In general, if the living room or living room is located in the middle of the whole house, this is a kind of good luck, which can make the family move.

2, the beam presses the top, affecting mood and health

The beam should not be pressed above the bed, desk and dining table. If it is unavoidable, the ceiling should be designed to block it. Otherwise, it will affect the mood and health of the residents, and the career will be blocked.

3, the bedroom can not be arranged in a dazzling array

The color of the bedroom is suitable for warmth and warmth. Don't be too bright, don't be too dazzling, too luxurious, sparkling ornaments are especially inappropriate.

4, the bedside giant painting is not suitable

The bedside painting can increase the elegance of the bedroom, but it is suitable for light and short, and the most important is the large painting of the huge frame. Otherwise, once the hook is detached, the head is cut down, and it is not dead or hurt.

5, have a foot bed, avoid piles under the bed

There is a foot bed, and it is advisable to keep the air under the bed. Do not pile up debris under the bed. Newlyweds are especially jealous.

6, the bed should not open the big window

Opening the window at the bedside is a taboo in Feng Shui, so be sure to keep in mind.

7, the column angle shot is not suitable for marriage

Regardless of the male or female personal room, it is necessary to avoid the angle of the corner, otherwise it will affect the mood and health, and it is also unfavorable for love and marriage. It is necessary to remedy it early.

8, the angle of the ç…ž shot, should be potted to resist

In order to be safe and healthy at home, if possible, you should choose a house with a corner around it and a corner. If the house is in a corner, it should be blocked by potted plants, tree planting or thicker curtains.

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