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Written in the front It has been a long time since I took my camera in my hand. In particular, I feel that shooting beautiful scenery with a camera will affect my appreciation of the scenery.

Every time he goes out, although the bag will also carry a card machine, it is only used as a tool to record the unknown flowers and plants, and it is only a tool to ask the Supreme People. Therefore, the pictures that can make their own shock no longer appear.

The situation with TG-2 this month has changed slightly.


The first time - take the appearance of the machine


The first time I got the camera, I felt pretty good. Red and black are my favorite collocations. As for the powerful features of advertising, it did not pay much attention. Quickly took the camera to the office and took a picture of Zhang.

After booting, it was found that the 6-megapixel 3-inch OLED display was more "surprised" than the one being used, and that one-touch GPS conversion was also very convenient. It immediately showed off the basic geographic information of the office to colleagues. The women instantly created artifacts.

In the worship of the surrounding people, the heart immediately generates a delusion - possessive desire:)

Chopper small test

In the second week, the unit organization played badminton and it was precisely the timing of a total test drive. “Maodou” is free!

The stadium's lighting is not particularly bright, coupled with people lazy, did not carefully study the camera function, can only follow the feeling of shooting. I took a few shots with the automatic file, but I didn't feel it. Then I pushed the button to the magic filter file. The picture was fun immediately.

Three special effects photo shows were selected:

Punk - cool alternative, so that a bunch of people with bad technology immediately have the performance of the gods in Japanese comics.

Reflection - novel composition, immediately make the boss look stalwart :)

Stereo - I simulated the effect of my favorite side-axis, and the surprise was a mess.

Fisheye - Although there are no photos, we can use this function as a haha ​​mirror. It is quite a joy.






Magic filters are ideal for use in two situations:

1. Gathering, various joys are immediately enlarged and the atmosphere is raised.

2, the girl / handsome, a little surprise learning portrait photography, and then facing the MM / GG film a few art Fan film, but also leave a photo as a reason to leave QQ, E-mail.


The theatrical effect of the Art Fan is very suitable for a small group photo or personal photo.


Three-dimensional effects are also used in photo shoots.

Sadly pushing the prairie line

Due to job requirements, a trip to go to Hexigeng will take place, and it will take a few days to stroll around Lake Darinor National Nature Reserve. Needless to say, there is bound to be a place in the backpack for TG-2.

As a result, the tragedy began.

The position of TG-2 is good, very good. The problem is that the charger has forgotten!

The tragedy in the tragedy is that because of the hand owed, I wanted to leave a track and the GPS function was still on. The camera has to consume power even satellites.

When the evening arrived at the beach (Dalinol means "sea" in Mongolian), I could hear my heartbreaking sound when I pressed the switch screen all black.

The vast sunset! The windmill under the blue sky! The galloping horse! White sheep! The vast grassland!

No matter how shouting, God Ma is a cloud: (

Miserable lessons

1, and TG-2 out, underwear can not bring, do not take charger.

2, GPS function is also a drop of electricity, but also want to take pictures and want to record the track, with a spare battery it, or put this feature off, remember! Remember!

Into the Microcosm - Turnover of TG-2

The subject is finally here! In the first two sentences, I love not only outdoor activities but also nature itself. After more than two weeks of running, I finally understood the TG-2's temperament. The photo that began to shock her was also beginning to appear.

Participate in the nature photography class of the teacher. Whether the teacher has always said that as a photographer, each photo is an internal presentation, and the lens is always empty.

Well, look at my heart.

The following photos are super macro shots.


Ants feed on Miscanthus. Photographed after the rain at South Pavilion Park


Sorrel, commonly known as clover, shamrock, shamrock genus. Yellow flowers, 5 petals and sepals; 10 stamens and 5 pistils. Do not believe you count yourself. Three complex leaves, leaflets down heart-shaped. It is said that finding a four-leaf clover can fulfill its wish. This was the first time I saw the flowers of clover so clearly that the description of the flora was really accurate.


The newly emerged clover shoots and a pile of worms, loose soil, and fertilizer. The relationship between biology in the natural world is such coordination.


what is this? The grapes in the restaurant? ? In fact, this is the seed of Viola. Each seed has a diameter of no more than 1mm. The students who took the photography together have had natural observations for several years. It was clearer to see such a big one for the first time than to use a magnifying glass.


The complete fruit is this. Purple Viola, Amaranthaceae, Viola. It blooms in early spring, purple, with 5 petals, symmetrical on both sides, like a small butterfly. You must have seen it but did not observe it carefully because it is too small, about 1cm in diameter.


The seeds of alfalfa, commonly known as grey-grey dishes. About 0.5mm.


Achyranthes, Asteraceae, Achyranthes. The most characteristic feature of the Asteraceae is the capitulum. There are total pods below the head and there are many flowers in it. It's like Acroderma. However, there are no more than two kinds. One is a ray flower (white part in the figure) and the other is a tubular flower (yellow part). Compositae is a relatively advanced and complex species in the plant kingdom. It has concentrated so many flowers within 5mm.


The Chinese little bitter buckwheat to be put down, commonly known as bitter herbs. Asteraceae, bitter genus. This flower bud is about 3-4mm in diameter. In the ultra macro state, the TG-2's color is still outstanding.


This is also asteraceae, dandelion. The dandelion flowers differ from the hyacinth flowers in that they are full of ray flowers and they are all one piece.


Unknown ornamental flowers, Asteraceae.


Another kind of unknown ornamental flower of Asteraceae. Compositae is the first major family of angiosperms, about 1,000 genera, 30,000 species, and its huge.


This statement is not a cable. This is my pants! The TG-2's super macro is powerful and microscopic. Did you discover it? Actually, this is my distraction: )


The name of this flower is not found. The diameter of the flower bud is about 2mm. The yellow color is its seed. This size has been difficult to estimate with the naked eye. At the beginning, I did not find any seeds inside. I just wanted to try out TG-2 to capture such a small space. Did not expect such a good effect. Since then TG-2 has been called artifacts by teachers and classmates. Someone has already started collecting in Jingdong. It seems that the market will not be sold in the future.



Do not be afraid, this old man is a vegetarian. It is only insects, to drink mixed honey. The head is not so big.


Do not believe you see, in my hand this is not yet high enough.

Every day, the micro world has many wonderful stories. TG-2 took me to a natural world that has never been discovered.


Is it true that the small ants found in reality are so cute?


The small ants are foraging, but there is no honey in this receptacle.


Only to dig seeds buried in the soil. Two powerful cockroaches come in handy!

To take pictures of this group of ants, they climbed on the ground for more than an hour with the ant. Never think that their speed is so fast. In the super macro state, ants occupy almost the entire shot. They are not edamame, and they are never honest. Waiting for you to press the shutter is a flash. However, the fast focusing speed can't keep up. So in nature photography, we can only wait.

In the words of the teacher, it is "waiting for the appearance of the scene in your heart."


A fly is thirsty, looking for water everywhere. Poor, already thirsty.


Fortunately, just under the rain, there are small otters everywhere, and hurry to rush to drink.


Drink a sip and sip.

In fact, the story is not like this. The first and second two are not one. Look for what is different. The latter two bugs are not drinking water but eating. They are microorganisms that suck water. Without TG-2, it is not clear how it eats.

During shooting, the bottom of the camera is always soaked in a 1cm deep blister. No abnormalities occurred within 20 minutes. (It's overkill for a 15-meter waterproof camera.)


The evaluation time of one month passed quickly and many functions of the TG-2 have not yet been realized. However, I really like this camera.

This is not a traditional assessment report, but it is my common experience with TG-2. There will be her position in my backpack.


Assessment summary:

1, said TG-2 is an artifact is not too much, powerful super macro has let her in the card machine is very good, coupled with waterproof, anti-drop and other features, is a very good outdoor camera.

2. The conversion of various functions is very convenient and the conversion is rapid, allowing users to be willing to take different shooting tactics. In the ultra-macro state, the magic filter can still be used, how to add the user's creative space.

3. For professional photographers, TG-2 also has room for survival. Whether the teacher has already decided to use the TG-2 as a backup machine for SLRs.

4. The details are also very satisfactory. Hand-held parts are rubberized and have good anti-slip properties. There are different directions of the switch locks in various places, which can effectively prevent accidental opening of the hatches and leakage of water. The wristband is very sturdy and firmly integrated with the fuselage, so it's easy to hold it in your hand.

Assessor: Mosquitoes


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