Evaluation of the first issue: Federal Gordon deep walnut door wardrobe

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] The Federal Golden product technology standard is unique. Some of the processes are groundbreaking in the industry. They have advantages in the structure of the cabinet, the depth of the cabinet and the details of the craft. Forming environmentally friendly, exquisite craftsmanship, simple and beautiful, classic atmosphere of product features and styles, favored by consumers, product reputation is excellent. Today, let's take a look at the following deep walnut door wardrobe and feel its unique charm.

Federal Gordon overall wardrobe

Federal. Gordon Wall Cabinet

Federal Gaodeng deep walnut door wardrobe

Deep walnut + painted glass

Under the modern fashion appearance, it has a simple atmosphere and an endless charm.

Simple and generous, calm and atmospheric style naturally exposed

Wardrobe evaluation

Textured log veneer

Follow the natural texture, clear beauty, bring a kind of visual comfort as the original big forest gives the soul a return.

Overall wardrobe

Paint glass

Black painted glass, mirror reflective, cool fashion with natural wood texture adds a simple urban feel to the whole

Federal Gordon overall wardrobe

Combination of virtual and real

Drawer panel, frosted glass and panel mix, virtual and solid combination of beveled groove armrests, clever use of geometric stitching

Wardrobe evaluation

Personalized customization

Professional customization, rich storage accessories to create a private exclusive clothing storage space, quality life experience according to different lifestyles.

Overall wardrobe

Federal Gordon overall wardrobe

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