Furniture trade-in is not warm and does not attract consumers. The effect is not obvious.

In Beijing, several home-based stores that participated in the “old-for-new” furniture, the reporter interviewed a random number of consumers who are visiting furniture. From their mouths, the reporter heard the real reaction of consumers to the "old-for-new" furniture. At the same time, the reporter also interviewed some store merchants, trying to explore the repercussions of furniture “trade-in” among merchants and consumers through their perspectives facing consumers.

I am coming to hear the news.

The customer service center at the front door of Jimei Home Dahongmen Store, the reporter encountered Mr. Zhao who is going through the formalities of replacing the furniture with the old one. “I used to run the furniture market. When I bought the sofa at the end of last year, I knew that I changed the old one.” Mr. Zhao said that his family lived in the South Third Ring Road, and the home was a new house and wanted to change furniture. "I didn't read the newspaper a few days ago. The TV also publicized that the subsidy of 'old-for-new' subsidy started again. I took this activity and quickly went to 'change' the furniture."

â–  Merchant response

Attracting consumption is not obvious

Sun Quan, the director of Yuquanying’s home furniture store, told reporters: “Now newspapers, TV, and publicity are quite a lot. Some consumers who go to the store to choose furniture are rushing to the 'trade-in' campaign. She believes that this news has stimulated consumers' desire to buy, but now, the activity has just started, and the stimulus effect is not so obvious. "The event did not call for a particularly large flow of people," she said.

During the year, "changing" will catch up.

Compared with Mr. Zhao’s timing, Mr. Lin’s old couple seemed to be calm. “Look first, there are old furniture at home, and you will consider participating.” It was Mr. Lin’s answer. Many consumers surveyed said they are not eager to "shoot". "The time is quite abundant. I can slowly pick the right furniture. Anyway, I will not rush in the 'change' this year?" Ms. Wang, who is currently renovating at home, said in an interview.

â–  Merchant response

Short-term promotion is not effective

Manager Liu of Lipu Furniture in Lanjingli Dazhongsi Home Plaza Store said that compared with the one-month pilot in November last year, the furniture “old-for-new” time was extended to half a year, highlighting the scale and depth of the event. Significantly increased. “Consumers are the biggest beneficiaries, and they can choose more suitable furniture products for themselves in ample time.” Manager Liu said, “but because of the long time, consumers are not in a hurry to redeem, making short-term The promotion effect is not obvious."

Old furniture has a new place

In the reporter's investigation and interview, most of the respondents expressed their welcome to the “old-for-new” activities of the furniture. In addition to the price concessions, the most up-to-date consumers are the old furniture. "This activity is very good, the old home has a place to deal with. Before I thought that dealing with old furniture is quite a headache, not too bad, it is a pity to throw it, selling scrap can not sell dozens of dollars, not enough delay What about the work!" said Ms. Wang.

â–  Merchant response?

More referrals

"We will generally guide and prompt consumers in this direction." Sun Ju said, "Consumers participate in 'old-for-new', and the old furniture that is broken may not be sold, but it can be exchanged, not only has it settled, It can also act as a discount, which is equivalent to a 10% discount on new furniture. It is quite appropriate.” Sun Ju said that from the business point of view, July and August are the traditional off-season of furniture sales, and the activity has increased its consumption to The salesman of the furniture merchandise is promoted. For this reason, the sales staff of the merchants also welcome this event.

Is there any old furniture that must be replaced?

In the Chengyi Yifeng furniture store outside the city, Ms. Liu is discussing the size of the sofa with the salesperson. The reporter asked if she was interested in furniture "trade-in", Ms. Liu reluctantly said that if there is old furniture, she must participate, but there is no old furniture in her home, this is the first time to buy furniture. The same problem, the Xiaowei couple said: "If the subsidy is large, how much does it cost to buy one in the old furniture market?! See which value."

â–  Merchant response?

In addition to suggesting that merchants can help

“Some consumers have come to the stage of spending money to buy furniture. I heard that there is an 'old-for-new' activity, but there is no old furniture at home, and suddenly it becomes entangled. I am busy asking if we can give a 10% discount directly. In the home of the store, the Ayres brand merchants told reporters that the business committee’s regulations on “crossing the old” are more strict. The old furniture is not for the manufacturers, nor is it the home of the real estate, but it must be handed over to The special recycling enterprises designated by the Commercial Committee shall be dismantled and dismantled. The old furniture information must be indicated on the recycling list, and it must not be ambiguous. “We can only transfer these process rules to consumers and suggest that they can find ways to find the appropriate furniture from their relatives and friends to enjoy the subsidy.”

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