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Germany MAYR coupling, MAYR clutch, MAYR brake.
German MAYR provides world-leading technology in the field of safety clutches, servo couplings and safety brakes. Years of experience and development and the ability to apply optimized solutions make MAYR a leader in the safety clutch market. Many well-known machine manufacturers worldwide rely on MAYR's high-quality drive and control components and MAYR's complete drive solutions. MAYR is known for its innovative and economic solutions, setting the standard for power transmission. MAYR has always advocated providing better solutions to customers, making it famous around the world.
German MAYR Clutch Category: 1、Compact, rebound without torque limit clutch; Instantaneous separation for overload; Permanent rebound without torque transmission; Unmatched price-performance ratio; anti-rust design; Stainless steel design; Overload in case of immediate disengagement; Continuous rebound without torque transmission; Short delivery time; 3. Permanent magnet: Hysteresis clutch and brake; Precise torque limit; Non-contact torque transmission; Wear-resistant and free Maintenance; load held; 4, friction lock safety clutch: strong and reliable; load held; easy to install and operate; for high friction work, and high torque; 5. Overload protection linear motion masses: Reliable force limitation; High axial stiffness; Automatic contact; Electrical drive disconnected, indivisible sensor; 6. Pneumatic or electromagnetic clutch: controllable operation; continuously adjustable torque; high switching accuracy;
German MAYR Couplings Category: 1. High torque rigid couplings: high torsional spring stiffness; extremely high alternating moments; large variation range; low mass inertia; 2. compact torque coupling; non-contact torque measurement; Integration into a rebound-free coupling; simple electrical and mechanical installation; solid and reliable mechanical parts; maintenance, completely free of charge; 3, rebound lead-free flexible coupling: simple plug-in installation; vibration reduction function; maintenance-free; 4, perfect servo coupling: low cost; plug and play type, diameter reduction; large shaft eccentricity compensation; the smallest moment of inertia. Listed by model: brake X10575280901 16/981.210.2; clutch 120NM-160NM 1/4 48 10725. 08167989...

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