This micro feeder and traditional weightless scale (also known as lossless weight loss, continuous weight loss feeder)

This microfeeder is technically different from traditional weightlessness scales (also known as lossless weights, continuous weight loss feeders). In terms of control, it has a flow prediction control function, which greatly reduces the vibration caused by frequent control. Institutionally, the advanced hopper material flow is simulated to ensure smooth flow between materials and to prevent continuous friction and friction between accumulating materials and materials. In data processing, sub-sampling and contrasting technology can greatly reduce the cumulative error caused by hopper dust, moisture and raw material loss.

Microfeeders use ADI's high-precision instrumentation amplifiers, 24-bit ∑-Δ high-precision analog-to-digital conversion chips, and high-speed signal processing chips. These newly designed stable and reliable core hardware and multi-tasking software operating system can accurately detect the tiny signal output by the load cell, digitize it, and generate high-precision weighing data at high speed.
Micro feeder application scope:
1. For the work places that require high precision, uniform continuous (non-intermittent), and trace addition, such as preservatives, modifiers, pigments, and many other trace additives (mainly for powder additives).
2. Addition of auxiliary materials in various industries such as plastics, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry.
Micro feeder technical parameters:
Equipment Model:DH-PFI-S5
Operation method: panel key operation
Adding speed: 3~30g/min (0.2~1.8Kg/h)
Hopper volume: 2.5L
Cumulative accuracy: ±0.5~±1% (related to raw material traits)
Maximum weighing: The hopper maximum load 8Kg
Environmental requirements: -20~55°C Humidity ≤80%
Installation requirements: The horizontal inclination does not exceed 5°
Input power: AC220V 50~60Hz
Communication Interface: Standard RS-232 or RS-485 Interface
Microfeeder model features:
1. All stainless steel design, internal guide structure can be easily split and cleaned.
2. Unique anti-vibration and heat insulation design, stable and no noise.
3. The accuracy is greatly improved, the material discharge is continuous and stable, and there is no drop or broken material.
4. Feeding mechanism are all custom materials, which are resistant to acid, alkali, oxidation, special halogen resistance, anti-adhesion (mirror polishing). Basically meet the special requirements of various additives.
5. A new all-round windproof design, ultra-low heating components, work more stable and reliable.
6. Optimization of the flow path and scientific flow of raw materials in the container (to avoid accumulating material in the flow channel and agglomeration and excessively large extrusion and shear force alternations, causing changes in raw material properties).

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