Will skin care products put better in the refrigerator?

1. In addition to “eat cold drinks for the skin”, will “ice” skin care products promote skin care?

The significance of placing skin care products in the refrigerator is not only "ice", but also to extend the storage time of skin care products. The key is to extend the "activity" and "freshness" of the nutrients of the products, which is to let you open whenever possible. Take out the skin care products in the refrigerator and use them to the same extent as you just bought them! The conclusion is that skin care products containing high functional ingredients are most effective in promoting skin care when stored at low temperatures.

2, is there any skin care products in the refrigerator than the skin care effect is better?

There is. Some organic skin care products without preservatives or chemically unstable skin care products such as L-C, it is recommended to place the refrigerator after opening, which can slow down the oxidation of skin care products, and naturally improve the skin when exposed to skin. For example, a facial mask with post-sun repair, calming and soothing can also be placed in the refrigerator. For red-sensitive skin, the cold and cold touch can soothe the calm skin and reduce the skin temperature.

3. What kind of skin care products will put on the refrigerator and help the skin care effect?

Products such as lotions and creams are not recommended in the refrigerator because they will not be easily absorbed during use. Other skin care products placed in the refrigerator should be kept at a low temperature, and once they are chilled, they are easily accelerated.

4. There is a saying that skin care products cannot be placed directly in the grid at the door of the refrigerator. Why?

Because in the open and close, the exchange of hot and cold air is the most likely to deteriorate the product. If the skin care product is placed in the grid on the side of the refrigerator door, the door is the most easy to feel the temperature change every time the switch is turned off. Due to the constant change of the storage temperature, it is very easy to cause the skin care product to deteriorate.

5. Why is it still bad to put the skin care products in the refrigerator carefully?

Because the refrigerator can't kill bacteria, it can only inhibit bacteria, so the opened skin care products may still be broken in the refrigerator. Some skin care products that are especially advertised as natural ingredients, or skin care products with a high proportion of water, are often the most prone to proliferation of microorganisms and molds. Although most of them use antibacterial agents and preservatives, they are caused by improper use. , will still increase its chances of deterioration. For example, if the bottle mouth is not kept clean and dry, or if the bottle is directly touched by the bottle, it will cause microbial infection.

6, the refrigerator is adjusted to a few degrees is most suitable for storing skin care products?

Skin care products stored in the refrigerator, the temperature is recommended to maintain a constant temperature of 5 ° C ~ 10 ° C, placed in the "refrigerated" cabinet, in order to effectively maintain the original quality of skin care products. It is recommended not to be lower than 4 °C, skin care products that are easy to get granulated, especially not suitable for putting in the refrigerator, so as not to change the ingredients and harmful to the skin.

7, using the refrigerator to store skin care products, easy to cause water and oil separation, what should I do?

Emulsion-like skin care products are easier to separate from water and oil. After skin care products are stored in the refrigerator, it is not recommended to put them out at room temperature for more than 5 minutes. Remember not to refrigerate and store at room temperature, so the temperature difference is too large. It is prone to deterioration. Once the skin care products are refrigerated, they must be stored in the refrigerator forever. After being taken out, they must be quickly and quickly taken back to the refrigerator in a short time.

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