Choose ceramic tile for home decoration or floor

The advantages of tiles:

The general installation specifications of ceramic tiles are generally based on the following specifications: 300 * 300, 300 * 600, 600 * 600, 800 * 800, 600 * 1200, 1200 * 1200

1. The materials used in ceramic tiles are easier to obtain and will not cause the so-called ecological crisis.

2. The gloss and brightness are relatively high, especially for some high-end bricks. But the relative slip resistance will be greatly reduced. Moreover, even after a long period of time, even the best caulking compound will turn black, so the contrast will be too great.

3. This is obviously something three, waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, high temperature scald. But it is not convincing to say, who has seen the stone burned.

4. If the temperature difference is too large, no deformation will occur. The joke can still be deformed, at most it is the opening.

5. Scratch-resistant, especially sharp objects are completely slippery on the top, and it is difficult to scratch; but contrary to the floor, the floor tiles are not wear-resistant, especially afraid of fine sand.

6. Floor tiles are free of formaldehyde.

7. The specifications are diversified, the style and pattern of the decoration are more varied, and the large-size tiles are more prominent. Especially when the size of the living room is large, this is sometimes more obvious, but the cost of design and processing is not affordable by ordinary people.

The advantages of the floor:

1. Feet and visual effects are better, especially to give people a warm feeling.

2. Because it has wear-resistant paper on the surface, it is very wear-resistant, but it does not protect the sharps from scratches. But on the whole, the service life is relatively long, generally about 10 years, and the warranty period of many brands is now 15 years.

3. The wear-resistant paper on the surface is hot pressed by glue, so the water absorption rate of the surface is 0, and there is also professional glue at the joints, and the gap is stronger than the Xiao surface. The waterproof and anti-fouling properties are stronger, and the cleaning is more easily. But there will be some difficulty in processing at the edge.

4. Needless to say, everyone knows that good slip resistance has never been heard of anyone slipping on a wooden floor. It is not easy to fall even if you slipped after 10,000 steps. If you change to a floor tile, it is not easy to say.

5. It is quite convenient and simple in construction, and the construction period is short. And it is a one-stop place, no need to hire professional personnel to install, and no longer need to buy auxiliary materials to increase costs. To put it more seriously, one day it will not be pleasing to be rich again, it is much simpler to change, and it has no major impact on the house.

6. The pattern texture is more natural, richer, more beautiful and generous, and enhances the warmth of the home.

7. One last thing, that is, there is no radiation on the floor, and no radiation.

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