Siemens side suction range hood LS65S955TI intelligent self-cleaning

Regarding the side suction hood, everyone knows that it has generally been well received by consumers in recent years. Today I will introduce you to the Siemens side suction hood LS65S955TI. The biggest feature of this product is the large air volume and the inlet air from six sides. Structure, so that the fumes can be cleaned without dead ends. How about it, let's take a look.

The new Archimedes wind guide system achieves a record high air volume of 18m3 / min. The second-generation Digi constant net technology automatically cleans the fan system to maintain the peak state of the fan for a long time. Six-sided air inlet structure optimizes the air path; four-time separation technology completely separates oil smoke. Unique three black glass smoke guide plates, noble atmosphere, easy to clean. Seamless internal cavity, 360 degrees without dead angle, easy to clean.

This Siemens side suction range hood has an Archimedes air guide system, optimized air path, strong and static integration, and Siemens digi Hengjing â„¢ intelligent self-cleaning system. Four-time separation technology completely separates oil fume. With 18 cubic meters per minute of high air volume, smoking is more powerful. Six-sided air intake structure optimizes the air path.

The design of this Siemens side suction range hood is very stylish, with innovative seamless integrated cavity stretching technology. Stylish side suction design, effectively save space. Unique black crystal diamond â„¢ inserts, elegant and bright. Low-power LED lights, safe and not hot. 33 degree V gold corner body design. Unique black glass smoke guide.

Summary: After reading the above content, do you already have a deep understanding of Siemens range hoods? This product has intelligent touch control. Special screen lock function to avoid accidental start when cleaning the smoke machine. Delayed shutdown function. Multiple suction options, frying and frying can be handled freely. Holiday automatic ventilation function, the indoor air is fresher.

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