Hangzhou Fitness Market Survey Report

Hangzhou Fitness Market Survey Report Date:2014-11-18 10:26
30% of respondents spend RMB 3000-5000 per year for personal fitness trainers 200-800 RMB/hour

Fitness people like to run their annual card but their long-term exercise population is less than 20%

Women's fitness is more like to practice yoga men prefer aerobic equipment

Nowadays, there are a variety of gym items. What are the ways that consumers like to use fitness?

Our survey shows that 24.9% of respondents most often choose aerobic equipment (such as treadmills, climbing machines, etc.), 23.9% of respondents most often choose to swim, and 17.1% of respondents most often choose strength equipment. (For example, weightlifting machines, chest pushers, etc.), 11.8% of respondents most often choose spinning bikes, 11.6% of respondents choose yoga most often, and 7.9% of respondents choose the type of exercise (such as belly) Dance, Latin, Jazz, fight, etc.) items. Through the crossover analysis, we found that women prefer exercise classes such as exercise classes, yoga, spinning, and swimming; while men prefer aerobic devices, strength devices, and other fitness programs.

This is indeed true because the appeal of men's and women's fitness is different. Wang Xiaoyi, director of the Cosmopolitan fitness market, said that women's fitness is usually aimed at weight loss and shaping. Therefore, exercise classes such as yoga and yoga are often chosen to help women recover their body and mind. As for Latin and Jazz, etc. If you can practice, you can achieve the effect of shaping and improving temperament.

But men's needs are different. They also want to make themselves more healthy through fitness, increase physical strength and relieve stress. Therefore, in our venues, men also prefer aerobic equipment and strength equipment.

Wang Xiaoyun said that now the Cosyburger's spinning bike project is popular with men and the stadium is full. This project will consume a lot of physical strength in a short period of time. During the exercise process, the coach will encourage students to chant rhythmic slogans, so the whole process can Create exciting sports and vent pressure.

The fitness person likes to run the year card most, but the long-term exercise crowd is less than 20%

In general, the gym will provide guests with several different consumption cards such as the annual card, half-year card, quarter card, and monthly card. According to our survey, 20.8% of respondents will choose the annual card, accounting for the highest proportion, 20.4. % of respondents choose to write down the consumption, in addition, 16.2% of respondents choose half-year cards, 14.6% of respondents choose monthly cards, and 12.4% of respondents choose quarter cards.

The annual spending on fitness in the respondents who are currently spending at the gym is as follows: 18.1% of respondents spend 3001-5000 yuan each year, 16.0% of respondents spend 1001-3000 yuan each year, 15.1% Respondents spent 500-110,000 yuan per year, 9.6% of respondents spent less than 1,000 yuan per year, and 0.9% of respondents spent more than 1,0001 yuan per year.

In fact, at present most of the fitness facilities in Hangzhou, the annual fee for cards is generally between 2,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan. Take Cosmopolitan as an example. In its ordinary stores, the annual fee for an annual card is 2,880 yuan. In the west of Yintai, which has more complete equipment, the annual fee is 5,000 yuan.

So, will the consumers who have the annual cards insist on going to the gym? In fact, most of the guests are unable to insist on it, and less than 20% of the guests can truly stick to long-term exercise. Hangzhou Weijue fitness Ma Jianqing said.

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