Kyushu space explains the maintenance of solar monitoring stations

The radiation meter used in the solar monitoring station is a semi-automatic tracking solar monitoring instrument. The diffuse radiation meter and the direct radiation meter can automatically track the sun time, but cannot track the height of the sun. Therefore, in the height change of the sun throughout the year, it is necessary to manually adjust the solar elevation angle of the device so that the device is perpendicular to the sun at the height of the sun. The adjustment time is best at noon.

First, the debugging and maintenance of the loose table

1, debugging

The radiation meter is mainly adjusted to adjust the height of the shading ring. Turning the screw and the shading ring will move up and down, so that the shadow formed by the sun and the shading ring completely covers the quartz glass cover of the radiation meter. Adjustment period is 5 days

2, maintenance

Regularly check whether the quartz glass on the radiation meter is clean. If there is rain, snow or other deposits, gently remove the deposit on the quartz glass with a soft cloth, and the period is 2~3 days. In case of sandstone or hail weather, please cover the quartz glass with a metal cover of the radiation meter to prevent damage.

Always keep the blackout ring parts clean and the screw's rotation flexible. When the screw is found to be dusty or inflexible, especially after the sand is blown, the screw should be cleaned with gasoline or alcohol. If it is not used for a long time, the shading ring should be removed or covered with a cover to prevent the screw and related parts from rusting. Use the blackout ring for a long time. When the color of the ring (white inside the white) fades or falls off, it should be repainted.

Second, the commissioning and maintenance of direct radiation meter

1, debugging

The calibration period of the direct radiation meter is also 2~3 days, because the latitude and longitude of the direct radiation meter have been fixed during installation, so in the daily maintenance, these do not need to be adjusted. The situation that needs to be adjusted is:

A. When the spot is above or below the black spot of the target, the sun angle of the direct radiation meter needs to be adjusted, that is, through the sun tilt adjustment button (13 in the manual). Rotate the screw and the spot will move up and down until the sun spot and black spot coincide.

B. When the sun spot is on the left or right side of the black spot on the target ground, you need to adjust the left or right plate switch on the right side of the direct radiation meter output socket to make the light tube rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to make the sun spot and the target Black spot coincidence is the best.

Note: In order to ensure the longitude of the tracking, when turning the light cylinder left and right, let the sun spot move to the right side of the black spot, then let the sun spot slowly move from the right side of the black spot to the black spot until the spot and the black spot coincide. To the middle. This ensures the accuracy of the tracking.

C. Sometimes the adjustment needs to repeat the two steps A and B to complete the adjustment.

2, maintenance

A. It should be checked whether the quartz glass window of the light cylinder is clean. If there is dust or moisture condensation, it should be cleaned with eardrops, soft cloth or optical lens paper in time, and should not be scratched.

B. In order to keep the air in the light cylinder dry, the desiccant should be replaced periodically (about six months). When replacing, the desiccant cylinder at the end of the light cylinder can be opened.

C. This machine is a precision instrument, carefully handle it to reduce vibration, so as not to damage the quartz crystal and lens. Remember not to force the time scale to avoid damaging the motor.

D. When there is sand and stone weather, please cover the light tube cover of the direct radiation meter to avoid damage to the quartz crystal and lens.

Third, the maintenance of the total radiation meter

After the total radiation meter is installed, no adjustment is required, but frequent maintenance is required. The maintenance method is as follows:

The continuous pyranometer is inspected at least once a day. The inspection mainly depends on whether the glass cover is clean. If ice, snow, frost, etc. appear, try to remove these deposits gently. In addition, the level should be checked regularly, whether the desiccant is effective, and there is no steam in the cover.


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