Adapt to the market's complete packaging strategy (2)

Fifth, grade packaging strategy

That is, different grades of packaging are used for a commodity based on different levels of consumer needs. This different level of consumers mainly depends on the purchasing level and satisfaction of different customers' purchasing psychology. In the consumer market, all consumers have different purchasing motives, while others only use the purchased items as their own consumption, which is not very important for the packaging of goods; therefore, such packaging is as simple as possible. Medium and low-grade packaging forms, and some consumers are shopping for gifts as a gift to friends and family, pay great attention to the packaging of goods, so this type of packaging should highlight the high-end luxury. Different consumers have different requirements for product packaging, and using grade packaging can promote the sale of goods.

A moon cake manufacturer in Hangzhou divides the moon cake packaging into three different grades. The low-grade mooncakes are wrapped in a tube with a paper stamped with the factory's standard. The price is low, which is convenient for the average consumer to remove the simple packaging after purchase. It can be eaten directly, while the mid-range moon cakes are printed in boxed moon cakes and equipped with handbags. They can also be used as gifts for visiting relatives and friends. The high-end moon cakes are made of tin foils that are delicate and beautifully printed. Packaging, there is a golden plastic moon cake shaped liner, even more luxurious, expensive, and some consumers are rushing to buy this high-end packaging moon cake, as a high-level holiday gifts in the consumer market is already Very common. The use of more flexible and different levels of packaging to meet the needs of consumers at all levels will undoubtedly play a promotional role.

Sixth, sexy packaging strategy

Sex packaging is a kind of curiosity and knowledge when consumers purchase goods. It adopts ingenious design on packaging, makes full use of the unique functional features of packaging, further makes a fuss about packaging, expands packaging design ideas, and makes packaging not only complete The above-mentioned functions also provide consumers with multi-functional services and are popular with consumers. This is the characteristic of erotic packaging. The forms of expression are many. For example, a type of entertainment toy is designed to be used on the daily commodity packaging commonly used by consumers, so that the consumer can make full use of the left packaging as entertainment after using the product.

A toothpaste manufacturing company designed the toothpaste used by consumers everyday to design different chess pieces such as handsome, general, car, pawn, pawn, etc., and printed a chessboard on the outer package of toothpaste. Consumers soon after buying toothpaste. Found that the toothpaste lid and outer packaging can be used for another kind of entertainment, for this feel particularly fresh, almost everyone bought this kind of toothpaste in order to collect this set of unique design of chess. Its significance far exceeds the specific function of the packaging itself, making packaging more interesting.

Another example is a health care product manufacturing company in Hangzhou, using the psychology of tourists to travel and purchase local tourist souvenirs, cleverly prints a map of the Hangzhou tour guide at the bottom of the packaging of goods and highlights key tourist attractions and attractions in Hangzhou. Tourists use the goods. When presenting gifts or gifts to friends and relatives, not only does the display of goods come from Hangzhou, a tourist attraction, but it also serves as a guide for tourists, and it also increases the cultural appeal brought about by packaging. The role of the guide. In addition, using the local cultural characteristics and local people’s sentiments, we ingeniously designed a modular building package that reflects the characteristics of local cultural and residential buildings. The packaging is also a local native product. This form of packaging is very attractive to tourists. Interesting packaging design in any form, for people's love of toys, the packaging design into a toy shape, such as animals, cars, aircraft, dolls and other toy-type packaging, containing candy and chocolate and other foods, due to the appearance of beautiful shape, by the consumer Those who like it often put these kinds of packaging as decorations in the interior, adding a warm atmosphere to the interior.

Seven, personalized packaging strategy

That is, some special commodities have individual characteristics. They should adopt various different targeted packaging. The purpose of the product is to highlight the grades and values ​​of the products on the one hand, and on the other hand to play a better protective role, and the packaging materials used. It should be based on the product, packaging should not be too simplified. Such products are generally high-value arts and crafts, jewelry, and high-end gifts.

Zhejiang Qingtian and Changhua are the famous Qingtian stone and bloodstone producing areas in China. They have a long history. They have been carved by craftsmen for hundreds of years. They are beautifully shaped, and exquisite handicrafts are displayed before people. Amazed. In the early 1980s, Qingtian stonework handicrafts were exported to foreign countries. The packaging used only straw as the inner lining. Even if the outside was nailed with a few pieces of wood, the export packaging not only caused damage to a large number of fine craftsmanship, but also resulted in no good prices due to no packaging. The reason for this is that poor packaging has affected the export of handicrafts, which severely restricts the sales of these high-end handicrafts abroad. Through the continuous improvement of packaging, the face of this backwardness has been completely changed. Based on the different sizes of handicrafts, foamed plastic foams are used for on-site foaming, so that each handicraft is better protected and at the same time, the size of each handicraft is used. Different packaging, so that handicrafts will not collide and damage due to unsuitable packaging, while some of the smaller handicrafts are made of exquisite cotton satin gold, with liners inside, so that the crafts are more upscale and luxurious, highlighting the personality characteristics of high-end crafts. These high-end handicrafts have been improved through packaging and transported in containers, which has enabled effective protection of goods and has been very popular in the foreign handicraft market, thus enhancing market competitiveness.

Eight, constantly changing new packaging strategies

That is, some goods change the design of packaging and change the way of different packaging materials, giving consumers a sense of freshness and playing a role in promoting sales. More representative is the packaging of Kodak film sold in China. Although the packaging materials have not changed, the design of outer packaging and decoration has changed continuously.

In the early 1980s, when the Kodak film packaging that entered the country was written in foreign languages, people only knew Kodak film from “kodak”. Nowadays, Kodak film is almost entirely Chinese, and packaging and decoration have undergone many changes. Gradually changed to full Chinese, there have been several different packaging processes in the middle to adapt to the Chinese market. The new packaging gives people a new feeling and is closer to photography enthusiasts. According to relevant information, film sales account for the first place in the domestic market.

Another example is the ancient city of Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province, which is not only a city of cultural tourism, but also produces famous wines. The Shaoxing wine packaging exported before the 1980s was very crude and rough, and the appearance of the jar was very ugly. It was counted using a piece of clay to seal it. Therefore, most of the Shaoxing wines exported were sold after being packaged by foreign countries. Far more than a dozen times higher. Afterwards, China began to attach importance to packaging and made great efforts in Shaoxing wine packaging. Nowadays, the jars in Shaoxing are not only finely crafted, but also have high arts and crafts molding arts, which greatly improves the status of Shaoxing wines in the world. At the same time, Shaoxing wines continue to develop other packaging, with bottled and non-toxic PE. Plastic pots, bags, etc., the packaging design is constantly updated, and constantly introducing New products. In order to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Mr. Lu Xun’s birthday, Mr. Lu Xun’s commemorative wine packaging featuring the statue of Mr. Lu Xun was specially designed to attract consumers. This is also a big initiative on packaging.

From the above packaging strategies, in the packaging decision-making process, packaging is not only limited to play the only role of protection of goods, but through the implementation of a variety of packaging strategies, give full play to the other multi-functional role of packaging, to promote goods, To beautify goods, bring additional benefits to consumers, increase the value of goods, protect the environment, and increase consumer interest in buying goods, so as to ultimately achieve the purpose of promotion. Therefore, good goods promote the development of packaging, and good packaging promotes the sale of goods. These two are closely linked together.


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