ZTCOS operating system and application

I. Foreword The same financial smart card was jointly developed by Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd., China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, China Banknote Credit Card Factory and Tsinghua University Computer Department. Its core is the self-owned copyright of the same smart card chip operating system. (ZTCOS). ZTCOS is designed in strict accordance with the "China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specification", ISO7816 standard and EMV specification. It is the only financial smart card in China that has passed the financial IC card inspection by the People's Bank of China.
Zhongtong Financial Smart Card fully meets the application needs of the banking sector, completely solves the problem of card use between different banks and the interface problems between different industries and banks, and supports one card multi-use and magnetic card compatibility.
Zhongtong Financial Smart Card has high reliability and security, and can realize complex security authentication process, easy to complete various online and offline transactions, and can be widely applied to various non-financial industries, such as transportation industry and tax collectors. , social insurance, identity certification, etc.
In the same financial smart card, you can create multiple levels of directories to achieve one-card multi-purpose. It provides simple, convenient, fast and complete services for the realization of integrated management of enterprises, campuses, residential quarters, hotels and restaurants.
Second, the characteristics of ZTCOS
2.1 Operating System (COS) Overview COS is an abbreviation for the English full-length Chip Operating System. From the point of view of the interface device, the smart card operating system is equivalent to a command interpreter, and the command interpreter inside the card is issued by an instruction. After the card receives the command, the operating system analyzes the command and then transfers to the corresponding function module to complete the specified operation. From this point of view, the operating system includes several modules, each of which is responsible for each other, but coordinated with each other to jointly support the card's operating environment. The status and role of COS in smart cards is very similar to the various operating systems used on microcomputers, and its importance is self-evident.
The same smart card operating system (ZTCOS) is divided into the following five modules according to functions: input/output module, security management module, memory management module, command interpretation module, and file management module. The five modules are described separately below.
â—† Input/Output Module: Ensure that the commands sent by the read/write device are correctly received and the response of the card is correctly sent to the read/write device. Communication between the card and the read/write device follows the T=0 or T=1 protocol.
â—† Security Management Module: Provides security mechanisms within the COS. Complete the state transition of the smart card security state machine, check the security status of the current command, and complete the generation and authentication of the DES, TriDES encryption algorithm and MAC electronic signature. Prevent the intrusion of illegal data and tampering of data, and prevent the operation of the card by the forged device.
â—† Command Interpretation Module: It mainly completes the analysis of the accepted command header, checks the legality of the command, calls the relevant command handler through the command parameters, and returns the command processing result code.
â—† File Management Module: responsible for file creation, reading and writing, and access control.
â—† Memory Management Module: mainly completes the application, write, release, and dynamic EEPROM allocation of EEPROM space.
For smart card COS, the two most important aspects are file and security.
2.2 The characteristics of ZTCOS are in full compliance with the “China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specification” of the People's Bank of China. It is the only financial smart card in China that has passed the financial IC card test of the People's Bank of China.
ZTCOS supports multiple file types and can be used for financial transactions in the form of electronic wallets and electronic passbooks. It supports four data structures: transparent binary, linear fixed length recording, linear variable length recording, and cyclic fixed length recording, and provides a complete set of strict file security management mechanism. Each EF has security conditions such as reading, writing, updating, locking, unlocking, erasing, etc. According to the security conditions, the user can perform corresponding operations on the file.
ZTCOS supports multi-level directory structure, which truly realizes one-card multi-purpose; realizes the independence of each application through the 'firewall' isolation between different applications in the card.
Support digital signature algorithm, support encryption algorithms such as Triple DES, DES, and support user-specific security encryption algorithm download.
Provide a variety of security mechanisms, including 'firewall' isolation between different applications within the card; card specificity of the card; support PIN check, KEY authentication, data encryption, MAC verification, etc., to achieve a complex security authentication process.
â—† Support ISO-7816 T=0, T=1 communication protocol.
â—† Support a variety of capacity options, you can choose 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K bytes of EEPROM space.
â—† Meet individual needs.
Third, the technical performance of the same financial smart card:
CPU: 8-bit security processor
ROM: 8K bytes
RAM: 256 bytes
EEPROM: 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K bytes Optional clock frequency: 3.57MHZ
Wiping life: more than 100,000 high-speed encryption algorithm data retention time: 10 years working voltage: 5V ± 10%
Operating current: less than 10 mA sleep mode: when ZTCOS waits to accept the command, it is in sleep state, the maximum current is 100 mA. Operating temperature: -25 °C - 85 °C
Storage temperature: -40 ° C - 85 ° C
Communication rate: 9600 bit/sec communication protocol when using 3.75MHZ: T=0 or T=1
Fourth, the application of the same financial smart card with the financial smart card has a wide range of applications, including one-card multi-use, online transactions, dual-card applications, key management, encryption algorithms, remote security control. As shown in the following table:

The following is a successful example of the same card in the section:
4.1 Tsinghua University Campus Card Tsinghua University Campus Card is a financial IC card issued by China Construction Bank. It is the crystallization of cooperation between Tsinghua University and China Construction Bank, creating a precedent for the use of IC cards. Tsinghua University campus card replaces all personal documents and cash payment methods used in school-managed life with IC cards to realize a real card.
The main functions of the campus card system of Tsinghua University are life consumption, catering consumption, identity authentication, online shopping, and online banking. Whether you are on campus or off campus, as long as you hold the Tsinghua University campus card, you can use any IC card outlets at CCB.
The development and application of campus cards is a model for bringing IC cards and their applications to the society.
4.2 Tsinghua Tongfang Staff IC Card Catering System Tsinghua Tongfang Staff Card Catering System is part of the same party employee card application. It is the first step to realize the employee card card and one card. At this stage, Tongfang employees are put into use in the seven foreign restaurants and service departments inside and outside Tsinghua University. They are: A restaurant, hospitality restaurant, dry training restaurant, foreign student canteen, Tongfang activity center, Tongfang Building Service Department, today's fast food. (off-campus). Employees who hold the employee card of the same party can use the card to spend at the above location and use the card to settle the account.
4.3 The State Administration of Taxation's tax-controlled refueling machine's tax filing interface equipment and tax return card are in compliance with the state's “fee-to-tax” system and the strengthening of national taxation supervision. Tsinghua Tongfang and the State Administration of Taxation jointly developed tax-paying dispensers for tax reporting interface equipment and tax returns. The phenomenon of tax evasion in the fueling system is being intercepted and the project is currently being implemented.
4.4 Canada PROLIFIC company campus card, municipal card
4.5 Cooperating with Israel OTI Company and South Korea Samsung to develop the second generation of the same card - non-contact CPU card Tsinghua Tongfang and Israel OTI company, South Korea Samsung developed the second generation of the same card as the most technologically advanced contactless CPU Cards, cards operate fast, have high security, high reliability, and good anti-interference. They can be widely used in ID cards, access control management, unattended parking charges, and non-stop charging for highways and bridges.
4.6 Shanxi Provincial Construction Bank Security and Secrecy Card Project The internal security and confidentiality system of CCB developed by Tongfang Tongfang and Hubei Construction Bank. The system uses the same card as the security secret card, and encrypts the data when the regional outlets log in to the host.
4.7 Community Card â—† System Function:
1. Consumption:
Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, bookstores, entertainment venues
2, payment:
Online payment, water and electricity, gas, management, and other expenses
3. Access control and attendance:
In and out of the building, access to the parking lot, attendance machine
4. Certification:
Membership card, work permit, library library card features:
â—† One card for multiple use â—† Convenient and practical â—† Good security â—† Computer for financial management, data storage
4.8 Software Encryption â—† Embedded Encryption Scheme â—† Provides an encryption interface to embed encryption functions into the user program.
â—†Encryption means difficult to crack
1. Storage Separation Put the variables into the card. The card is used as the external space for the program to run and the incoming and outgoing data of the card is converted by the encryption algorithm.
2. Function separation Put some program functions into the card to run, realize dual CPU running program â—† High security â—† Save interface resources A card can be up to 10 software services. Each time you purchase an encrypted software, you can download a new decryption program to the card. The programs for each software service do not interfere with each other in the card. So even if you want to decrypt multiple software, you only have one COM port.
Provide rich interface
Visual C++, FoxPro, Delphi, PB, Visual Basic

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