The unique design of the brand ice maker

Snowflake ice machine is one of our common ice bath instruments. Because of its super design, it is widely welcomed by many experimenters. Snowflake ice machine uses the world famous brand-Italy Zanussi compressor, which has a good cooling effect. The noise is particularly low, the stability is particularly good, and the performance is particularly reliable.

The instrument itself has its own unique advantages:

The amount of the snowflake ice maker is particularly large. During the ice making process, the snowflake ice maker is controlled by the entire computer program and is particularly convenient to use. Pure copper ice bucket, stainless steel ice skates, safe and reliable. Microcomputer automatic control system, safe and stable. Double-spiral extrusion ice making method, the ice shape is made of amorphous granular ice, can penetrate into a narrow space, cool quickly, and the ice bath effect is good. The main parts, such as the dismantling of water distribution pipes and sinks, do not require any tools, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning. The innovative sliding door design is convenient for maintenance, saving time and effort.

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