The import and export trade of China's instrumentation products is mostly in a deficit and needs to be broken

Instrumentation is a high-tech industry. Instrumentation products are widely used in various fields of the economy and society. Whether it is control devices, optical instruments, measuring instruments, or analytical instruments, the accuracy of control and the accuracy of analysis and measurement are very high.

Since the second half of 2013, China's exports of instrumentation products have stabilized. Due to the limited market size of the instrumentation industry, export growth is expected to remain stable. Annual exports exceed 26 billion US dollars, an increase of about 5%; import growth will still be lower than exports The increase is 3% to 5%, and the import value is about 44 billion US dollars.

According to customs statistics, China ’s cumulative exports of instrumentation products in 2013 were US $ 25.37 billion, up 6.2% year-on-year; imports were US $ 42.29 billion, up 3.8% year-on-year.

Since 2001, China's imports and exports of instrumentation products have maintained rapid and stable growth. Only in 2009 has it declined due to the impact of the international financial crisis. After rapid and brief recovery in 2010 and 2011, it has gradually increased in the past two years. Into a downturn.

China's instrument products have been in a state of import and export trade deficit for a long time. Since 2001, the trade deficit has continued to expand, and before 2006, the balance of deficits exceeded the export value. However, since 2005, the increase in exports has gradually exceeded the increase in imports, the increase in the trade deficit has gradually narrowed, and the deficit has also been exceeded by exports. The trade deficit reached the highest of US $ 17.16 billion in 2011, and then began to decrease.

Monthly imports and exports mixed

In terms of exports, the overall performance was sluggish in the first half of the year after experiencing short-term growth at the beginning of the year, and the growth rate remained stable in the second half of the year. In terms of imports, the monthly growth rate fluctuated significantly. Throughout the year, imports and exports grew slightly, and export growth continued to be higher than import growth.

Instrument products are mainly divided into 12 categories. In terms of exports, industrial automatic control systems and devices, optical instruments, and medical instruments are the most important product categories. The rapid growth of exports are industrial automatic control systems and devices, 18.1%, electrical instruments and meters, 11.1%, and laboratory analysis instruments, 14.6% and Weighing instrument 10.2%. Only the export of measuring instruments decreased year-on-year.

Industrial automatic control systems and devices, experimental analytical instruments, medical instruments, optical instruments, and electronic measuring instruments are the main product categories imported. Imports grew faster at 20.9% for optical instruments, 15.8% for experimental analytical instruments, and 7.1% for medical instruments. Imports of other product categories have declined to varying degrees.

China's instrumentation products only have a surplus in the import and export trade of low-tech measuring instruments, scales, drawing calculations and measuring instruments, and the remaining categories of products are in a trade deficit, especially industrial automatic control systems with higher technology content And devices, electronic measuring instruments, and medical instruments have the most trade deficits.

Asia is the main export market of China's instrumentation products, accounting for more than half, followed by Europe and North America, mainly the United States, with exports accounting for 19%. The growth rate of exports to the three major markets also exceeded the average export growth rate. In addition, exports to Africa, Latin America and Oceania have declined, especially to Africa.

The United States is China's largest import and export market for instrumentation products. In 2013, it exported US $ 4.64 billion, accounting for 18.3%, an increase of 8.3% year-on-year; imports from the US amounted to US $ 8.8 billion, accounting for 20.8%, an increase of 9.2% year-on-year. Among the large export markets, exports to Japan alone declined, and countries and regions with faster export growth include Taiwan Province, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, and India, with increases of 36.2%, 15.7%, 15.5%, 11.7%, and 10.5%, respectively.

China ’s imports of instrumentation products from Asia accounted for 45.7%, imports from Europe 32%, and imports from North America 21.5%, but imports from the above regions were relatively small, especially imports from Asia only increased 0.7% year-on-year. The faster regions are mainly Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The main reason is that the import base from these regions is relatively small, and the increase and fluctuation are more obvious.

Except for the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan Provinces are the main importing countries and regions, but imports from Taiwan Province and South Korea have grown rapidly, at 14.9% and 12.1%, and imports from Germany and Japan have increased by 3.7%, respectively. And down 8.7%.

China's exports of instrumentation products through general trade accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 44.8%, with a growth rate of 9.5%; exports through processing trade accounted for 44.4%, with a growth rate of 3.6%; processing trade was dominated by input processing, which accounted for 41%, an increase of 5.1%.

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