The advantages and development of miniature corrugated cardboard

In recent years, micro-corrugated cardboard has emerged in the Chinese market, which has increasingly attracted the attention of people in the industry. It has been predicted that micro-corrugated cardboard will likely replace most of the folded cardboard for packaging.

Corrugated type

Corrugated shapes are directly related to the compressive strength of corrugated board. According to the corrugated paper core shape, corrugated board can be divided into U-shaped, V-shaped and UV-shaped. U-shaped corrugated board has good stretching tension, elasticity, and high energy absorption. Within the elastic limit, the corrugated iron can still be restored to its original shape after pressure is removed. The V-shaped corrugated board has better compressive strength, but when the pressure exceeds the limit it can withstand, the corrugated board will be destroyed quickly. UV-shaped corrugated paperboard has the advantages of U-shaped and V-shaped corrugated cardboard, and is widely used.

In addition to corrugated shapes, corrugated board properties are related to the specifications of the corrugated medium. Corrugated corrugated medium usually has four types, namely Type A (large corrugated), Type B (small corrugated), Type C (medium corrugated) and Type E ( Microwatts). In addition, there is an ultra-large K (楞 6.6 ~ 7mm), G (楞 0.5mm), N (楞 0.46mm), O (楞 0.3mm) type corrugated. A-type corrugated board has excellent shock-proof cushioning. C-type corrugated board has similar shock-resistance performance to Type A. Types A and C corrugated board are used for outer packaging. B-type corrugated board has strong plane compressive resistance, and has a large number of corrugations per unit length. It has more supporting points with face paper and liner paper, so it is not easily deformed and the surface is relatively flat, which is favorable for obtaining a good printing effect. B-type corrugated board is mostly used for packaging. E-type corrugated board is a kind of fine corrugated board, which can obtain high-quality printed graphics. Its strength is similar to cardboard, but it is lighter and cheaper than cardboard.

The advantages of miniature corrugated

The thickness of the G-type corrugated cardboard is 0.55 mm, the N-type thickness is only 0.4 mm, and the F-type thickness is 0.8 mm. This type of micro-corrugated cardboard has better stacking strength and shock absorption performance than the same amount of folded cardboard.

G-type and N-type corrugated paperboards can be used as folding paperboard products for sale and packaging, as well as for the protection and transportation of small goods.

G-type corrugated cardboard is 30%-40% lighter than solid fiberboard, which is only half of the traditional solid cardboard folding box, and its strength (compared with the same size cardboard) is increased by 30% to 40%. The customer can directly pack the inner packaging product into the transport package, eliminating the middle package and part of the shockproof lining, because the miniature corrugated packaging structure is more rigid than the traditional folding cartons. Thus, the miniature corrugated cardboard box is safe and strong, and the weight is Light, and cost savings.

E-type corrugated cardboard can be used as a product packaging or container shipping package.

Miniature corrugated cardboard has a wide range of uses, superior performance, beautifying packaging, saving paper, and reducing costs. It will become a rookie for lightweight packaging materials, and bring more business opportunities and benefits to cartons and cartons. This is very important for some brands that need to pursue cost-effectiveness in the fierce competition. This means that fewer packaging materials can be used to obtain the same protection function.

Another important advantage of micro-corrugated board is that it can be printed directly on the offset press, which not only can obtain a beautiful pattern, but also can not reduce or destroy the strength of the board due to the distortion of the corrugation caused by printing. The Roland 700, 900 and KBA-Planeta offset presses can print micro-corrugated cardboard directly with minor adjustments. The “washboard” phenomenon does not occur, and the strength of the cardboard is not reduced due to the deformation of the corrugations. The micro-corrugated cardboard is inherited from above. Based on the function of corrugated board, new functions have also been added. Compared with the same type of traditional fiber cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard has the characteristics of saving material, good elasticity, strong cushioning force, and good shock-absorbing performance. The rise of foreign miniature corrugated winds

The trend of micro-corrugated cardboard has risen. The United States, Sweden, Germany, Spain and other countries have begun to expand the scale of F and G production, and began to explore the deeper direction of micro-corrugated cardboard. At present, some countries have begun to apply smaller crucible type corrugated paperboards such as N楞, OO. In the field of traditional fiber cardboard boxes, such as wine, small appliances, shoes, hardware tools, microelectronics, computer software, counter sales, fast food, etc., micro-corrugated cardboard has begun to compete with the traditional thick corrugated cardboard market .

In the European market, the annual demand for the cardboard of these materials is increasing, and due to the rich visual appeal and the market incentive for lighter substrates, the cardboard of this type of material is still rapidly developing. Important technological developments also play a pivotal role, including finer corrugated launches and improved face sheets. Thanks to the technological innovations of offset press suppliers, micro-corrugated cardboard of several materials can now be directly printed using new or upgraded offset presses, which further promoted the development of the micro-corrugated market.

In the next five years, the average demand for the entire corrugated board will be 2.3% per year in the European market, and the demand for micro-corrugated board in Europe will increase by an average of 5.6% each year.

Domestic mini-watts need to be developed

China's micro-corrugated cardboard is only just starting, the key is to manufacture micro-corrugated technology is not up to the requirements. Due to the small size of the micro-corrugated file, the corresponding number of turns increases, and the initial force for feeding the corrugation is increased. It is difficult to use conventional corrugated board machines, and new corrugating rolls and new models must be developed. However, the domestic standard for corrugated paper is not uniform, and the quality of paper products is uneven. The environment of manufacturers, the scientific research level for corrugated fiber, and the processing technology for machines have yet to be improved. At present, the use of miniature corrugated packaging boxes for small commodities in China is mainly E. Corrugated paper is produced by a traditional guide claw type single-sided machine, and offset printing is compounded at the backstage. The former road board equipment obviously cannot meet the need for direct printing of the offset press. Corrugated board and paper box in the domestic packaging industry are often operated separately. The corrugated box factory does not produce paper boxes, and the carton factory does not produce corrugated board. The front and rear lanes of micro-corrugated carton production are not integrated. In the face of the rapid development of foreign mini-corrugated cardboard and the actual needs of China's packaging market, equipment manufacturers should step up the development of fine tile lines and improve the box making machinery to promote micro-corrugated cardboard. The development of the box. At the same time, corrugated box also needs to be equipped with the corresponding back indentation, die-cutting and sticking box process to ensure that the carton is beautiful and neat, strong and solid.

The micro-corrugated paperboard market in China needs to be developed.

Source: China Printing Materials Business

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