Shortage of raw materials caused Vietnamese paper prices to soar for 15 months

The shortage of raw materials since the beginning of 2010 has already had a serious impact on the paper industry in Vietnam. Many companies have to close some equipment or cut production by half due to lack of pulp. And from April 2009 to July (July 2010), the price of various pulps increased by 6% per month on average, while the price of thermomechanical pulp increased from $610/ton to $850/ton (staple fiber pulp). And $900/ton (long fiber pulp), while the price of waste paper also rose from $130/ton to $270/ton.

It is understood that the price of raw materials imported from Vietnam is almost 1.5 to 2 times higher than before, and the local waste paper resources were originally compared, and now it has increased from VND 3 million/ton to VND 3.7 million/ton.

Faced with the above situation, paper manufacturers have to adjust the sales price of products, but Vietnamese society generally believes that price should be kept stable, and paper manufacturers should be extra cautious when adjusting product paper prices.

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