Sample of JA series electronic balance

JA series electronic balance is an analytical balance with novel structure, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. With peeling, calibration, automatic fault detection, counting, unit conversion, percentage, etc., the most advanced electronic balance integrating precision, stability, multi-function and automation, can meet all laboratory quality analysis requirements. Using high-performance single-chip microprocessor control to ensure high accuracy and high stability of weighing results. With standard RS232 interface output, it can be directly connected to external devices such as printers and computers. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, gold jewelry and other departments for rapid measurement of material quality.

Quadruple Rotors Watch Winder has a built-in smart timer that will wind then rest and repeat the cycle in either clockwise, counter clockwise or bi-directional directions.  Quadruple rotors watch winder can hold a wide variety of wrist sizes, increased interior space to accommodate large size watches, microfiber cleaning cloth, microfiber protective storage bag, and a matte black storage box. The watch winder will not only wind your automatic watches but also store it as well. Each watch winder is hand made and developed to wind all popular brands of time pieces. This watch winder use Japanese Mabuchi Motor to work, it's very quiet, even if you're sleeping, leaving it in your bedroom won't wake you up. All the above are the characteristics of our watch

Quadruple Rotors Watch Winder

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