Red Apple 329-35 Health and environmental protection board type children's wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Children, is a special group, pure and fragile, full of curiosity about everything outside. Although the body and age are not mature, there are many ideas and personality. Children, the treasures of every family, are responsive, and they are best served as much as possible. In such a demand environment, the red apple children's wardrobe came into being.

Red apple wardrobe

Red Apple Children's Wardrobe 329-35 Reviews

1, the color is fresh and natural, in line with the age characteristics of children

Red apple children's wardrobe

Red Apple Children's Wardrobe 329-35 Tone

Red apple children's wardrobe 329-35 color is fresh and natural, bright and pleasing to the eye, very suitable for children. The color of this wardrobe is pure white, and the bottom drawer is available in a variety of colors: 窈窕 cute pink, tender and tender yellow, quiet and elegant sea blue, life green grass, and passionate fire red. Paired with other furniture in the same tone, it is definitely the ideal private space for children.

2, environmentally friendly sheet to meet health needs

Red Apple Children's Wardrobe Reviews

Red Apple Children's Wardrobe 329-35 Plate

The main panels of red apples are imported from Southeast Asia and are excellent in environmental protection. Each batch of sheet material is produced in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure that it meets international environmental standards before it is shipped to the furniture processing plant. If the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard, you can smell the irritating odor when you open the furniture. Especially in the furniture store where the furniture is not up to standard, you can feel the unpleasant smell when you step into the store door, but you can't smell the smell of formaldehyde in the red apple store, even if you open the furniture. The internal details and the feelings are not the same. This shows that the board can meet the requirements of healthy use.

Red apple wardrobe

Red apple children's wardrobe 329-35 sheet appearance

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Fresh, natural and environmentally friendly sheet

Small wardrobe, simple layout

Special design, high quality hardware, evaluation summary

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