Public building elevators with Internet of Things technology greatly improve their safety factor

Internet of Things technology applied to public building elevators to improve their safety factor Release Date: 7/7/2011 9:38:00 Publisher: weixun Clicks: 8

China Education Equipment Procurement Network News: According to China Construction News, recently, the Donghuan Plaza and Anzhen Building in Beijing have applied the Internet of Things technology to elevators in public buildings, which has greatly improved the safety factor of elevators.

According to reports, the elevator Internet of Things technology is to install devices with sensor functions in the elevator car, car roof and other parts, and use Internet technology to transmit the elevator's operating status to the background in real time. The background is processed through information technology to form different information platforms, which are provided to the government supervision department, property management unit and elevator maintenance unit in the form of hierarchical authorization, which is convenient for managers to view and supervise in real time.

“Through the Internet of Things’ sensing technology, elevator data collection and analysis are completed by specialized hardware and software. At the same time, software and hardware systems are built according to the different needs of government departments, property management units and elevator maintenance units. Different information platforms make it easy for users to grasp the operation of elevators. "Liu Qi, deputy general manager of Beijing Dongfang Huadian Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for the construction of intelligent elevators in Donghuan Plaza, introduced that the application scope of elevator Internet of Things technology has been expanded from LAN to WAN , And can achieve remote access. The scope of application of this technology is growing.

It is reported that after the Internet of Things technology is adopted in large public buildings, technicians can understand the operation of the elevator in real time through video; when the elevator has faults such as closing people, peaking, and sinking, the staff can obtain information in time and take corresponding measures.

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