Problems that should be paid attention to in measuring coke oven gas by vortex flowmeter

Vortex flowmeters will have some problems when measuring coke oven gas. Below we will analyze the causes and solutions of these problems.

The causes of the failure of the on-site measurement system can be summarized into two main reasons, one is caused by the flow meter or its associated equipment; the other is the cause of the non-flow meter, that is, the flow meter is normal, and the environment or system causes the failure, such reasons Hard to find. In addition to requiring technicians to be familiar with the performance of the instrument, they also need to have extensive knowledge and rich field experience for analysis, reasoning, and multi-party testing to confirm. Some failures are caused by unexpected events. For non-flowmeter failures, the output signal is often unstable. According to actual experience, when the vortex flowmeter measures coke oven gas, the reasons for the unstable output signal are as follows:

1. The vortex flowmeter is not well-suited for installation in strong vibrations. It is well known to users. However, in the case of frequent magnetic field changes, the vortex flow sensor will also be disturbed and measure signals higher than normal. Practice has proved that in the field without gas flow, when the vortex flow sensor is in a changing magnetic field, the vortex flow sensor will sense an erroneous signal output at the moment of the magnetic field change. When the change is over and the instrument is in a stable magnetic field , The meter will output a normal signal.

2. Coke oven gas has high temperature and high humidity when shipped from the factory, so there will be moisture in the gas transportation process. The gas flow drives the water to fluctuate reciprocally, thus forming a pulsating flow. When the vortex flow sensor is in this fluid state, the output data is large and small, and it cannot reflect the production status at all.

3. Because the coke oven gas has many impurities, it is easy to crystallize, and the impurities condense in the sensor head, which causes the meter to be out of calibration. When the temperature rises, the impurities volatilize, the sensitivity increases, and the signal increases; on the contrary, it decreases; thus causing data instability.

4. The pressure line is not solid during the wiring of the instrument, resulting in intermittent signals during transmission.

5. The ground wire of the instrument does not meet the requirements of the specification, so that the 50Hz interference in the strong electricity enters. When the normal signal is higher than 50Hz, the output signal is normal, otherwise the wrong signal is output.


1. During the installation and connection of the flowmeter, ensure that every link is accurate, including inspection of the site before installation, instrument wiring during the installation process, system grounding, etc., to ensure that the real data is detected and accurate Output.

2. For the measurement system in operation, the method of “dual-track measurement, comparative confirmation” and “substitution method” can be used to confirm and eliminate the failure of the measurement instrument in operation.

3. Periodically clean the vortex flowmeter as a whole. If necessary, purge the sensor head of the meter to avoid the condensation of impurities at the sensor head. In the cold season, adding a heat tracing device to the metering straight pipe section and the instrument part is also beneficial to alleviate the condensation of impurities at the vortex flowmeter.

4. Drain the pipeline regularly, especially the water in front of the straight pipe section, and set a special person to discharge regularly according to the specific situation, reduce the moisture in the metering pipe section as much as possible, and eliminate the pulsation in the fluid to the greatest extent. (Organized by China Educational Equipment Purchasing Network)

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