Packaging graphic design points

The graphics of packaging design can be divided into the following 7 categories from the content:

Product image; logo image; consumer image; metaphor image; font change image;

Application description image; auxiliary decorative image etc.

First, the main points of graphic design

Pay attention to accurate information

As a design language, graphics should pay attention to clarifying the words. The main characteristics of the owner must be maintained in the process, and the details of the key parts must be taken care of. Otherwise it will be a little bit worse. For example, apples, tomatoes, oranges, etc. are similar in size, but in reality they are very different. This means that they have to deal with their own different characteristics.

The characteristic of an image is often more vivid in comparison with its similar image in the spring. Therefore, grasping characteristics in comparison is an effective method.

Pay attention to the distinctive and unique visual experience

Packaging in modern sales is actually a kind of small advertising design. It must not only pay attention to the specific information of the content, but also must have a distinctive and unique visual image.

The so-called uniqueness does not lie in simplicity or complexity. Simple may be unique or plain; complex may be novel or old. To be concise and changeable, complex and not cumbersome; simple and vivid, rich, complex and simple, perfect. To be new and unique, full of personality.

Pay attention to the limitations and adaptability

The graphic conveys certain ideas and attention should be paid to different customs of different regions, countries, and nations. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the consumption targets of different genders and ages.

Second, the form of graphic design changes

Graphics can be divided into concrete, abstract and decorative graphics.

1, figurative graphics

Photographic images: Photographic images can truly express product images, have rich color hierarchies, and are widely used in packaging. In addition to realism, photographic graphics can also use a variety of special processes to create a variety of graphic effects.

Realistic drawing graphics: Photography cannot replace painting. The so-called writing of painting is not purely objective and realistic. Otherwise, it is not necessary to paint. Subjective choices must be made on the object to be expressed according to performance requirements, so that the image is more simple and perfect than the actual object.

Inductive Simplified Graphics: This refers to the generalization process based on realistic writing. Summarize features and simplify levels to make objects more concise and clear. In terms of expression methods, changes in points, lines, and surfaces can produce a variety of performance effects.

Exaggerating changes in graphics: This is a change process based on inductive simplification. That is not only summarized, but also emphasizing distortion, so that the performance object achieves a lively, humorous artistic effect.

2, abstract graphics

An abstract graphic refers to a graphic with no direct meaning and an indirect connection, formed by a point change, a line change, and a face change. Abstract graphics have a wide range of performance, and have a great potential for the performance of the packaging picture.

Although abstract graphics have no direct meaning, they can also convey certain information. It is important to push this design. As mentioned earlier in the concept of joint ideas, abstract graphics can also guide the associative feelings of the viewer.

3, decorative graphics

The use of packaging for decorative graphics is also very extensive, including the use of traditional decorative patterns, the design should pay attention to the abuse of decorative patterns should not be appropriate, but should be consistent with the content of the properties, features, grades appropriate use.

In addition to conventional printing, graphics can also be applied to mold processing techniques. Of course, this depends on the cost of the packaging and the performance requirements of the contents.

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