Nitrogen blower instruction manual

Nitrogen blower instruction manual

1. Purpose
KL512 nitrogen blower is a new type of nitrogen blower developed by Kanglin Company closely following the international nitrogen blower manufacturing technology, and developed according to the actual needs of domestic users. The KL512 nitrogen blower has the technical performance of an international nitrogen blower. It blows nitrogen quickly, continuously, and controllably to the heated sample surface to achieve rapid concentration of a large number of samples.
The KL512 nitrogen blower is mainly used for the purification and preparation of analytical samples such as chromatography and mass spectrometry. It is widely used in the evaporation of solvents such as water, toluene, methanol, and acetone. Application areas are:
(1) Pesticide analysis: such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and plant tissues (2) Environmental analysis: such as drinking water, groundwater, and contaminated water samples (3) Pharmaceutical drug testing: such as Chinese medicine (4) Biological analysis: such as serum Plasma, blood and urine (5) Commodity inspection: inspections such as dioxins and crotro (6) Food and beverages: such as milk, wine, beer, liquid beverages

2. Working principle Nitrogen blower completes the rapid concentration of the sample by blowing nitrogen quickly, controllably and continuously onto the surface of the heated liquid sample. Its instrument structure is shown in Figure 1.
After the nitrogen blower is installed, the chassis is supported in a constant temperature water bath, the water bath power is turned on, the water bath temperature is set, and the water bath begins to heat up. Raise the nitrogen blower, place the samples that need to be evaporated and concentrate on the sample positioning frame, and hold it by the tray. The height of the tray and the positioning frame can be adjusted according to the size of the training sample test tube. Open the needle valve of the flowmeter. Nitrogen reaches the gas distribution plate through the flowmeter and the gas pipe. After the gas is distributed, it is sent to the needle valve tube (installed on the gas distribution plate) above each sample position. Then, adjust the needle valve needle valve through the network calibration. Nitrogen gas is blown to the liquid sample test tube through the needle valve tube and the needle. The needle valve tube can be slid up and down by adjusting the lock nut to adjust the height of the needle. It is better not to splash. Finally, place the nitrogen blower in the water bath until the evaporation and concentration is complete.

3. Technical performance (1) Number of samples: 12 bits (2) Sample test tube size: glass or plastic test tube, Φ10-29mm × 10-160mm; scintillation tube; centrifuge tube (the same size as before): automatic sampling tube Same as above); 50ml conical flask; 50ml beaker etc.
(3) Sample type: organic solvent with a boiling point of 30-100 ℃; water and aqueous solution.
(4) Standard needle: 9 # × 80mm
(5) Dimensions: Φ250mm × 750mm
(6) Nitrogen flow: 2 ~ 10L / min
(7) Air source requirements: clean nitrogen or other inert gas, 0 ~ 200kpa, flow rate meets the requirements of nitrogen blower.
(8) Working size of water bath: Φ260mm × 150mm
(9) Water bath dimensions: 360mm × 330mm × 230mm
(10) Temperature range: room temperature ~ 99 ℃
(11) Temperature control accuracy: 2 ℃
(12) Water quality requirements: Distilled water, deionized water, add water to 15mm from the edge of the water bath. Additives can be added, see Maintenance.
(13) Working power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 1000W

4. Packing list (1) Nitrogen blower: 1 set, type KL512 (2) CNC constant temperature water bath: 1 set, type KL512J (3) Standard needles: 12, 9 # × 80mm, flat head (4) hexagon wrench : 1 piece, 3mm
(5) Flowmeter: 1, 2 ~ 10L / min
(6) Air source tube: 4m, Φ6mmx4mm
(7) KL512 nitrogen blower manual: 1 copy (8) product certificate: 1 copy (9) product warranty card: 1 copy

5. After the goods are read before use, the items in the box should be carefully checked to confirm whether the items in the box are consistent with the packing list, and whether the transportation process is damaged. Keep the packing box and packing materials until all components and instrument installation tests are completed. If any damage is found or does not match the order, please contact Beijing Kanglin Technology Co., Ltd. immediately.
Nitrogen blower classrooms are designed for evaporative concentration applications in analytical or environmental laboratories, and are suitable for use by trained experimenters. It is recommended that the nitrogen blower should not be used for other purposes, but be used for other purposes at your own risk. The nitrogen blower should not be improved or changed. Beijing Kanglin Technology Co., Ltd. shall not be responsible for losses caused by improper operation or any improvement or modification. Once the operation is wrong or improved, all underwriting will be immediately lifted.
The nitrogen blower should be used according to the operating instructions in this manual. The following is the general safety knowledge that should be known when using the nitrogen blower.
(1) Do not use the nitrogen blower for materials with a flash point below 100 ° C.
(2) When using a nitrogen blower, hands and eyes should be protected.
(3) The nitrogen blower should be used in a fume hood to ensure good ventilation.
(4) Do not move the nitrogen blower during heating to prevent burns.
(5) Use three-wire grounded power supply.
(6) Do not open the shell of the water bath with electricity to prevent electric shock.
(7) The maintenance of the nitrogen blower should be carried out by professionals. Improper replacement of components may cause damage to the nitrogen blower or cause safety hazards.
(8) Do not use nitrogen blower for highly flammable substances like petroleum ether.
(9) Do not use acidic or alkaline substances, otherwise the nitrogen blower will be damaged.

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