Maintenance items that can not be ignored in ultraviolet aging test box

The ultraviolet aging test chamber is capable of simulating the strongest ultraviolet radiation in summer. It is widely used in: paint, ink, paint, resin, rubber, plastic, printing and packaging, adhesives, automobile and motorcycle industry, petrochemical industry, cosmetics, metal, electronics In electroplating, medicine, textile and other industries, it is designed and manufactured with reference to the test methods of plastic ultraviolet lamp light source exposure test GB9344-88 and GB / T9276-96 "coating paint, varnish test".

Maintenance items of ultraviolet aging test box:

1. During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to maintain sufficient water source.

2. The test stage should minimize the time to open the door.

3. There is a sensor device in the working room, do not collide strongly.

4. After a long period of discontinuation of use, if you need to use it again, you must carefully check the water source, power supply and various parts, and then start the equipment after confirming that it is correct.

5. The equipment is in a non-working state, it should be kept dry, drain the water after operation, and dry the studio and box with a clean rag.

6. Because ultraviolet radiation has a strong hazard to people (especially eyes), the operator should minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays (contact time should be <1min). It is recommended that the operator wear protective goggles and a protective cover.

7. If the test box is not used for a long period of time, it should be covered with a plastic cover to avoid the intrusion of dust or dust.

If the ultraviolet aging test box can be maintained according to the above items, it can run stably for a relatively long period of time, and 97% of the test boxes will not have problems with use or damage. Therefore, the maintenance of the test box has also become the knowledge that the user must master.

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