Labeling mechanism assembly of bag beverage packaging machine

The invention relates to a label mechanism assembly of a packaging machine for bag-typed beverages. A labelling mechanism consisting of a large label holder, a small label holder and a label slide is placed on both sides of the top of the body and is respectively arranged on the wire feeding mechanism in the body. The other end of the eccentric link is connected with the vertical axis of the packaging machine through a multi-stage gear pair. The reel plate in the thread cutting mechanism is connected with the cam on the vertical shaft, and the vertical shaft is connected with the main shaft of the packaging machine through the bevel gear pair. The blade shaft gear of the cutting device in the delivery and clipping mechanism is meshed with the main gear on the vertical axis of the packaging machine through the mesial gear, and the packaging bag forming device on the front end forming bracket of the measuring plate is formed by the bag forming machine and the gusset The device comprises a V-shaped plate and a formed pressure column that is contained by a V-shaped plate and is placed at the discharge port of the former. The beneficial effect of the present invention is that a labeling mechanism assembly is installed in the original space of the packaging machine body to realize the processing requirements of bonding the small labels at the end of the thin wire while the beverage is being bagged, and the product is installed. The bag and the end of the thread are labelled and processed in one machine.

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