Korani Hamburg's fog wardrobe is simple and generous with a sense of fashion

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Korani integrated global resources, and has reached strategic cooperation with German equipment such as Haomai, Hettich, DuPont, Austria Blum and other international equipment and raw material suppliers. The wardrobe products are mostly modern and simple style, today's evaluation Together, the center will evaluate a Korani's pure folding design wardrobe - the burger's fog folding door wardrobe.

Evaluation details:

Wardrobe evaluation

Overall style appearance

Modern, stylish and natural is the first impression of the Korani Hamburg's fog folding door wardrobe. Korani specializes in pure enamel design, German painted door panels, German Heidi poetry stainless steel door hinges, etc., showing durability and quality.


Door panel: It adopts imported environmentally-friendly matt cream lacquer from Germany. After 27 processes, it has six sides and no edge sealing processing. The surface has strong abrasion resistance, is not easy to slip and scratch, and is waterproof and easy to clean.

Korani Hamburg Fog Wardrobe

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