Kaimei High-capacity Hybrid Blowing Machine

Kaimei Plastic Machinery's award-winning, high-capacity, compound-type blow molding machine is the first in-mold labeling machine in Taiwan. The labeling and bottle body are integrated, fully automated, and operates quickly.

The man-machine interface operation of this machine adopts MMI design, learning is easy, and 3-D servo control can achieve rapid and accurate positioning, which can increase production efficiency and reduce the cost of labeling. In particular, the labeling and bottle body can be easily recycled and reused.

Exclusive first smart automatic folding, rgonomic design comfortable ride, comprehensive function upgrade to reach big evolution, battery quick removal,battery anti-theft upgrade, one-button electric folding, safety taillight, two-sections brake handle, high fidelity bluetooth speaker,Imported battery core, double legs support design.

Higher configuration brings more comfortable and safe riding experience.

AK1/AK2 electric scooter

Folding Electric Bike, Electric Bike, Electric Scooter Bike

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