Improve the printing quality is a good helper - chamber scraper ink system

The development of horizontal corrugated carton printing technology has gradually opened up new markets for offset printing and flexo printing. The demand for high-quality flexographic printing with a high number of lines above 85 corrugated boxes is quietly expanding in the industry. The rubber rollers used in the traditional printing presses are used. Because the ink system cannot control the ink content of the anilox roller precisely, it can no longer meet the demand for high-line number printing. Therefore, the doctor blade ink-discharging system has become the standard equipment in the new generation of water-based flexo printing machines. There are two types of squeegee systems usually installed on the printing press. They are the original squeegee systems of the printing press manufacturer's original or self-supported manufacturers. The original, self-made system of the printing press is designed for quality, space, and ease of operation. The overall consideration of sexuality is more comprehensive. The design of the scraper system manufactured by the supporting manufacturer is mainly aimed at the retrofit market of the old machine. The quality of the scraper system is uneven. Users should carefully select the brand that suits the functional requirements before purchasing.

The scraper system consists of a blade holder, a squeegee blade, an ink seal, a chamber seal, a scraper closing thrust device, an ink supply circulation pump, an ink circulation and a cleaning control switching valve, and a ceramic anilox roller and a scraper seat. Squeegee, ink seal, and chamber seal are combined to form a chamber for storing ink. When the machine is running, excess ink on the surface of the anilox roller is scraped off to achieve the purpose of wiping the ink. The components of the chamber, the squeegee sheet, the ink seal sheet, and the chamber gasket are all in a static state. By closing the thrust device and the rotating anilox roller, the material and the closing thrust of these components will affect the quality and service life of the squeegee. .

The good printing quality is to correctly transfer the right amount of ink to the cardboard. The correct position is controlled by the machine accuracy. The right amount of ink is controlled by the number of anilox roller lines and the amount of ink, and the effect and uniformity of the excess ink on the surface of the anilox roller by the scraper is removed. Degree is closely related to the printing quality. When the contact angle or pressure of the squeegee and the anilox roller is not smooth enough, the result will be uneven. The size of the contact surface between the squeegee and the anilox roller, such as the sharp angle, thickness or material of the blade ( Steel or plastic) will change the thickness of the ink layer (ink volume). Squeegee quality is very different from the printing quality. In the large-area field printing process, the lack of ink can not print the saturated color. Too much ink can easily produce uneven wrinkles. In the high-line number dot printing process, the amount of ink Too many easy plates can not be printed with fine dots and a large range of gradient effects. The uneven color distribution during large-field printing is also a common problem with squeegees.

The high number of lines and the high-quality printing squeegee are already indispensable equipment. When using the squeegee system, the following recommendations must be carefully evaluated to achieve the desired results:
â—† According to the different paperboard materials according to the printing needs, choose the right number of mesh, ink containing anilox roller.
â—† With appropriate ink (such as viscosity, color concentration and component quality).
â—† Implement residual ink cleaning and dry ink residue removal to avoid scratching the anilox roller and the doctor blade.
â—† According to the needs and use of the ink layer, choose different thickness, material squeegee blades (such as steel, various plastic or ceramic).
â—† Use scraper system that is easy to operate and has high stability (long-term maintenance of the same quality).

The problem of ink leakage and color unevenness during the use of a doctor blade often confuses the operator. The ink in the chamber may cause ink leakage due to various factors such as poor fluidity, abrasion of the doctor blade, and wear of the gasket. The problem should be achieved by changing the concept of operation and peripheral adjustment conditions in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

Source: Global corrugated box industry

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