High-end mahogany furniture has more than doubled in half a year, and finished products will continue to rise next year.

Southeast Asian countries strictly control the export of mahogany raw materials, industry insiders expect that the shortage of raw materials will lead to the continued rise of mahogany furniture products

"I am not afraid that my family does not have RMB, I am afraid that my family does not have good furniture." Recently, several TV stations are broadcasting this advertisement. The good furniture mentioned in the advertisement refers to mahogany furniture. However, this year's rosewood crazy rising momentum has discouraged many consumers.

More than doubled in half a year

Mahogany furniture is the most important representative of traditional Chinese furniture. The materials mainly include rosewood, ebony, rosewood and chicken wing wood. The growth rate of redwood is slow, the raw materials are few, the price has been high, and it is hundreds of thousands of yuan, even as high as one million yuan.

This year, mahogany furniture has experienced a round of skyrocketing, and in just half a year, the increase has reached 50%-100%.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to a mahogany furniture store near Jinkai Avenue in Yubei District. "The price of this red rosewood tea table is less than 60,000 yuan at the beginning of the year, and now it is about 90,000 yuan. The mahogany furniture will definitely be more and more expensive, and it is necessary to start early." Miss Liu, a furniture store salesperson.

According to the reporter, this year's mahogany furniture began to increase prices in June. During the May Day period, an ordinary rosewood bed was about 70,000 yuan, but now it has risen to 110,000 yuan. The quality is better, and the increase is more than 1 time.

The convention contributed to price increases

In June this year, the new Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora entered into force, which was seen as the trigger for the soaring price of domestic mahogany furniture.

In the Convention, there are seven important redwood species that enter the first and second grade protected plant catalogues, which means that these species must have import and export licenses or re-export certificates in order to conduct international trade. The Convention stipulates that the country of origin of mahogany materials has banned mahogany deforestation and controlled export trade. It is reported that from May this year, Vietnam took the lead in raising taxes on rosewood raw materials exports by 200%; in mid-October, Vietnam and Laos customs declaration companies informed Chinese partners that all the Sian rosewood ordered in these two countries must be before October 25th. After the customs clearance, the Vietnamese government will ban exports. In addition, Myanmar, one of the major exporters of redwood, plans to stop the export of logs from April 1, 2014.

This naturally led to a surge in mahogany furniture. It is understood that the recent high-end Burmese rosewood has been hotly robbed, of which the price of Burmese rosewood with a quality of 15 cm in diameter is more than 30,000 yuan / ton; the price of Barry Dalbergia (commonly known as "Burma squid") has also turned over in June. Some times, the original offer of 16,000 yuan / ton, has now risen to 32,000 yuan / ton.

Consumers need to be cautious

"Next year, mahogany furniture will continue to rise in a new round." The major mahogany furniture sellers said that the shortage of mahogany raw materials will definitely lead to the continued rise in finished furniture. Especially after the export of logs was stopped in Myanmar on April 1 next year, the prices of raw materials will definitely rise. Industry insiders expect: "The increase next year will definitely exceed 100%."

“Besides the exquisite materials on the raw materials, the mahogany furniture must also include the beauty of the craft. Both are indispensable. Consumers should not blindly follow the trend when purchasing mahogany furniture.” The person reminded.

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