Explain the distribution of the gain of the cryostat amplifier

Shanghai Bilang Instrument is a professional manufacturer of low temperature thermostats. The advantages of the company's low temperature thermostats are high refrigeration efficiency and low noise. The instrument is stable and reliable, and the operation is convenient and safe. The editor of Bilang briefly describes the details of the size distribution of the gain of the cryostatic bath amplifier:

The size distribution of the gain of the cryostat amplifier

Due to the limitation of thermal oscillation, the total gain of the amplifier in the temperature control circuit of the cryostat actually depends on the performance of the thermal structure of the cryostat. There is no technical difficulty in designing and manufacturing an amplifier with sufficient gain determined by the thermal structure, but how to distribute the total gain to each part of the amplifier is a problem that must be fully paid attention to. The regimen is that under the condition that the total gain is the same, the circuits with different gain distribution will have a great difference in temperature control accuracy.

From the perspective of improving the gain linearity, the gain of the operational amplifier should be much greater than the gain of the power amplifier. The gain of the rate amplifier is less than 1. The open-loop gain of the low-temperature constant-temperature bath operational amplifier is much larger than the open-loop gain of the power amplifier, and the linearity of the two circuit gains is very good. The gain linearity of the characteristic circuit is the worst, because this type of circuit allocates too much gain to the power amplifier, and the power amplifier is the main source of gain nonlinearity, so the linearity of the total gain is poor.

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