Demystifying handmade soap making method

People who care about fashion and fashion should find that many episodes are cyclical, such as cowboy roads, such as leather. There are also some daily necessities, such as soap, which are used for bathing in grandma's life. However, who will use soap to bathe when the shower gel appears? But now the appearance of bath soap has greatly changed people, and more people have begun to abandon. The shower gel is changed to bath soap. Today, Xiaobian will bring you homemade bath soap, which is the method of making handmade soap together!

Demystifying handmade soap making method
Demystifying handmade soap making method

The past and present of bath soap

Bath soap is a good name given to her by modern people. In the past, he was called soap, and she also experienced big and small changes along the way.

The earliest soap formula originated from Mesopotamia in West Asia. It was originally used as a cleaning agent. After continuous evolution, it became a must-have item in the home. It can be used for washing, washing dishes, washing hair and washing the body. But advances in science have allowed it to be reduced over a period of time, replaced by liquid powder. There is always a group of retro hipsters appearing, transforming those things that are about to be forgotten, and returning to the popular stage in the name of retro. Soap is slowly becoming a bathing multi-functional soap of various shapes.

Handmade soap

Handmade soap is the DIY hand-made soap, and the handmade soap has become an entertainment activity for young people. Only three kinds of materials such as grease, NaOH and water are needed. Handmade soap can be used as a face wash, a makeup remover, and as a shower. The handmade soap has a fine and rich foam that completely removes oil from the pores. Leaves skin moisturized & radiant

Production Method:

Thermal method

The hot method is to use heating to accelerate the saponification. The advantage is that it does not need 3 to 4 weeks of ripening period. The disadvantage is that the soap is not as fine as the cold method, and the high temperature is easy to lose the essence of the oil.

Cold method

The saponification of the triglyceride component in the oil and the lye is generally referred to as a cold soap. Cold soap is the oldest manufacturing method. You can make your own raw materials by making cold soap. You can also make a handmade soap for your own needs, but the soap is made of fresh alkali. Therefore, it takes 3 to 4 weeks of maturity to be used.

Demystifying handmade soap making method
Demystifying handmade soap making method

Soap Tips:

To choose a soap base with high purity of glycerol

The key to a good handmade soap is the glycerin content of the soap base. Natural glycerin is a moisturizer. It uses a handmade soap rich in natural glycerin. The skin is like a moisturizing lotion to clean the skin. But not dry, moist but not greasy. Therefore, when making a transparent soap, it is often necessary to add glycerin together.

The handmade soap with fresh additives is only 3 months old.

Handmade soap can generally be stored for about two years, but if fresh additives are added, the period will be shortened and it can be stored for about 3 months. If you see the color change or the taste of the handmade soap changes, it means it has expired. Therefore, if you only use it yourself, it is recommended that the production volume should not be too large at a time, it will be relatively fresh.

Handmade soap should be used with caution on sensitive skin

Handmade soap is beautiful, handmade soap with essential oils and special aroma, it is still very good at home, so DIY is still very good. However, if you make sensitive skin, do not use your own face to test the quality of handmade soap, because the soap added to the soap base determines that the handmade soap is alkaline. If sensitive skin is used, it is easy to cause. Skin allergies or make the skin worse and worse. >>>Manufactured soap related problems

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