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Hiking in China

In 8 years, he walked more than 50,000 kilometers, photographed 13800 photos and wrote more than 1.5 million words in total 260 diaries. He said that unless he is killed, he will not stop. His goal is --- In 8 years, he walked through 24 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and traveled more than 50,000 kilometers. His business card is very unique and shows his identity: Chen Liangfa — Contemporary Xu Xiake, the first person to walk in China.
Run away from home for a dream

Chen Liangfa, also known as “Kurono”, was born in April 1967 in Lailong Town, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. He is a person who is not very safe in his family’s words. In 1983, the 16-year-old Chen Liangfa went to play in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. This is the hometown of Xu Xiake, a famous geographer and traveler of the Ming Dynasty. In the face of "Xu Xiake", Chen Liangfa has an impulse. The era of Xu Xiake has been several hundred years ago. How much has changed in China. Can you become Xu Xiake today and write a new era of Xu Xiake? This impulse was accompanied by him for several years, and it has become more and more intense.

In 1987, Chen Liangfa, who was already 20 years old, began to formally prepare funds for the dream—opening a bookstore. At the same time, he also carried out a reserve of knowledge. In addition to self-study of some geography knowledge, he also entered the news college class to systematically study writing and photography techniques. After graduating in 1992, he also tried to walk in some places in Suqian City to perform "warming up exercises." All this is happening quietly, even parents do not know that he has an amazing "ambition." Chen Liangfa said: In those days, I thought that I was about to wander the horizon and look at her 70-year-old parents’ grey hair. I feel very sad. But he also cautioned that he could not shake.

On February 1, 1994, at the seashore of Lianyungang, listening to the sound of waves rising above waves, he took backpacks weighing 25 kilograms including tents, compasses, maps, and food, and took a walk on China. The first step did not tell anyone.

8 years of walking and walking

During the 8 years on foot in China, Chen Liangfa felt that he only knew that hardship was indispensable, but he did not expect it to be so hard and dangerous. In the past few years, he had 189 pairs of worn shoes.

Chen Liangfa said: The biggest difficulty in hiking in China is hunger. In 1997, he entered Gansu from a no man's land in Xinjiang. Due to the intense altitude sickness, he suffered a severe lack of oxygen and he would rest for a while. From the distance on the map, he estimated that he would be able to cross the no man's land for a week. In order to prevent accidents, he had enough food for more than 10 days. But now more than 10 days have passed, he has not walked through no man's land, and the dry food he has eaten has already been eaten. In an uninhabited no man's land, Chen Liangfa turned his attention to weeds, wild fruits and small animals. After 40 days, when exhausted he saw the herdsmen, he suddenly collapsed to the ground and was sent to the local garrison hospital for rescue.

Chen Liangfa said that walking in the wilderness, life is actually very small. At the end of 1999, in a place in Tibet where he was not in front of the village and had no shop behind him, he supported the tents to prepare for the night. As there were more mountain trails, blood bubbles appeared on the feet, and some blood bubbles were rotten. Unexpectedly, the bloody smell of this little blood bubble actually attracted two wolves. In the deserted desert, the sturdy wolves are scary. After all, they have been plagued by “Jiang Hu” for many years. Chen Liang’s panic in the brain flashed and he immediately thought of ways to survive. The wolf was afraid of fire. The camera’s flash could be tried. So he took out the flash and aimed at the squeak and pressed the shutter. The flash was strong and dazzling, and he scared the wolf away. After this adventure, when Chen Liangfa walked in no man's land, there were some new things added to his backpack. It was fireworks and firecrackers. After encountering wolves, fireworks and firecrackers, the wolf scared away.

Another threat he faces alone is disease. In January 2000, Chen Liangfa suddenly suffered a cold on the way to Lhasa. He was weakened by lack of oxygen and water. He was forced to drink his own urine and wrapped his own data in layers of plastic paper. "Chen Liangfa was killed in this trekking nationwide." Dealing with all this, the weak body of him lying in the tent and waiting to die, and at this time, two snakes do not know how to swim into the tent. Chen Liangfa, who had not eaten for several days, saw that the snake had suddenly taken its strength. He took up the knife and hacked the two snakes to smash and suck the blood of snakes. He struggled to the outside of the tent and cooked the snake with fire. Chen Liangfa said that he was so hungry that he thought he was going to die and be a dead ghost. After eating, he fell asleep without thinking. When I wake up, the disease is miraculously good. In eight years, he walked out of his death. I do not know how many times he has experienced the threat of death in eight places in Xinjiang.

Where is the power to go?

The hunger-satisfaction, wind-snow-felling walks that accompanied Chen Liangfa’s strong body were affected. In a few years, he suffered from backache, stomach pain, and arthritis. He weighed more than 70 kilograms before leaving, but now he only has more than 50 kilograms. But once she had a foreign land, Chen Liangfa's homesickness could not help herself. Sometimes she called home. The elderly parents cried over the phone and repeatedly advised him to come back. At this time, he had to break his heart, and he actually wanted to follow the call from his parents for several times. However, when he dropped his phone, he seemed to have put down the shake.

In addition to the call to the parent's feeling at the end of the phone, another kind of emotion often haunted him. According to Chen Liangfa's rules, he only stayed for a maximum of 3 days in one place to facilitate interviews, rest and supplement of daily necessities. Once, in a small county in Xinjiang, he invited a girl who understands Chinese as an interpreter. Three days later, the 21-year-old girl fell in love with Chen Liangfa and asked him to stay. Chen Liangfa, who wandered everywhere, did not want longing for love. He lost sleep one night. However, he left a letter to the girl the next day and hurriedly set foot on the journey without saying goodbye. In the letter, he said to the girl: The hero is always on the road. My whole life belongs to adventure. I will not stop my feet. I do not know which day will be killed, can not bring you happiness, how can you accept your love? Chen Liangfa said that he was alone and he felt a lot of care and warmth. When he set off from Lianyungang, Chen Liangfa had only 5,000 yuan of money. In the past few years, he actually spent 200,000 yuan. Since he was walking quietly on the road, there was no unit that gave him financial support. Maintaining him to go down was partly due to the fact that he kept publishing the diaries and photos of the landscape in the press, and more importantly, the people along the way. Unit support.

In the Spring Festival of 1996, Chen Liangfa entered the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In the New Year's Eve, he came to a herdsman's home to add water. The enthusiastic herdsman insisted on leaving him at home for the New Year and gave him a lot of dry food; in July 1999, the Yecheng Military Division in Xinjiang He gave him military necessities, liberated shoes, compressed biscuits and other necessities. Ye Chengbing Terminus also opened a certificate for him, please solve the food and accommodation for him along the railway station; on April 13 last year, he went to a hostel in the Altay region of Xinjiang. When the manager of the guest house registered his accommodation, he saw from the ID card that he happened to be the birthday of that day and specifically gave him a pair of Xinjiang shoes.

Everywhere, Chen Liangfa must earnestly collect information on the local humanities, geography, and economy, and record all of this in a diary. Over the past few years, his notebook has covered 500 official seals and more than 100 postmarks. He has recorded more than 1.5 million words and 260 diaries, and photographed more than 13,800 photos.

Chen Liangfa said: After completing his trekking in China in 2005, he plans to systematically organize his travel experience and publish two series of monographs, "Hiking the Chinese" and "Xu Xiake" (tentative name), and organizing large-scale photo exhibitions to raise funds from it. Two more major events were done. The first major event was hiking through Lop Nor; the other was to climb the American continent and become the first Chinese to walk across the Americas.

Chen Liangfa said that he will walk all his life. He respects Xu Xiake and even more than Xu Xiake.

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