8 idyllic European style cabinets feel the cozy country

1. Paris Saint-Cabinet cabinet

European style cabinet number: OP13-264

Pursuing the dignity and elegance immersed in the elegance revealed in the deep, through the treatment of details, the atmosphere of the whole space is beautiful.

Cabinet price: 40,000 yuan-50,000 yuan

2. Blue and white painted cabinets

Oupai cabinet number: OP12-X160

The shape is fresh and smooth, with the Chinese style of Jiangnan ink and wash, the hollow design of the upper and lower cabinets and the Chinese-style carving echo the overall reflection.

Cabinet price: 20,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan

3. Athena cabinets

European style cabinet number: OP14-007

The compact and reasonable space layout reveals humanistic care, which can not help people to memorize and enjoy the beauty of life.

Cabinet price: more than 80,000 yuan

4. Katyusha cabinet

Oupai cabinet number: OPC00477

The overall modern style incorporates traditional classic elements, interpreting a culture of petty bourgeois life.

Cabinet price: 50,000 yuan-80,000 yuan

5. Katyusha cabinet

Oupai cabinet number: OPC00285

The kitchen is classic and elegant, with white door panels and simple retro decorative lines, which reflects the classic European style.

Cabinet price: 40,000 yuan-50,000 yuan

6. San Marino cabinets

Oupai cabinet number: OPC00560

Fashion and classic collide, experience the elegance of European cabinets, taste noble and nostalgic temperament, portrayed in the details.

Cabinet price: 50,000 yuan-80,000 yuan

7. Love in late autumn cabinets

Oupai cabinet number: OP12-X165

Flexible operation space and integrated design, where you can easily enjoy the fun of cooking and feel the peace and nature.

Cabinet price: 30,000 yuan-40,000 yuan

8. Katyusha cabinet

Oupai cabinet number: OP12-L001

The spark of collision between fashion and classics, elegant color matching, rich details, and scientific functional division.

Cabinet price: 50,000 yuan-80,000 yuan

Summary: Do you like the above 6 idyllic European style cabinets? If you do n’t like the editor ’s recommendations enough, you can also go to the European cabinet kitchen online store, where you can choose from hundreds of cabinets.

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