30-year captain's summary: inspection matters before and during offset printing

Before starting the printing, the products to be printed should be checked, and the inspection items before the flat printing and during the printing process:

â‘ Whether the picture is registered (be sure to check with a magnifying glass);

â‘¡Whether the front and back sides, crosshairs, and page numbers are correct (clear proofread blue paper or sample book);

â‘¢ Is the layout clean (dirty spots removed);

â‘£Whether the front rule and the drawing rule are in place (make the drawing line well, the cross lines on both sides extend to the paper edge position);

⑤ Whether the color of each ink volume is standard (compare the color draft with the sample paper, be sure to compare it carefully with a density meter);

â‘¥ Whether the back is dirty or dragged;

⑦ Confirmation with paper and printing number;

⑧Whether there is powder spraying on the paper surface (note that the throat of the powder machine is clogged, printing large ink level prints, you should clean the powder nozzle, and mention explosion-proof powder);

⑨Stir the ink fountain (the ink skin is one of the important factors that cause the printed sheet to have ink skin);

â‘©To keep the ink color stable, the moisture of the layout must be kept to a minimum. Generally, the faster the speed, the more water must be increased. When printing positive and negative, due to powder spraying, pay attention to the dirt of the printed sheet.

Plastic & Trim

Asfter Car Wash for Interior, then ready to protect plastic and trim. Here will choose interior protectant, work with spray bottle if it is4000Ml package and wax applicator.

Best Interior Protectant for Cars

Interior Protectant

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