2013 home industry top ten quality black list protagonist released

In 2013, some well-known brands in the home furnishing industry were exposed to unqualified quality in the spot checks of the quality inspection department or in the media reports. The Beijing Business Daily specially selected ten representative brands as the top ten brands in the 2013 home industry. Including the kitchen sector, Jiu Mu, Prome, Dunlop, furniture, Columbini, Fuzhidao, Weifa Vifa in the cabinet field, North American maple in the floor field, Guangdong Nippon in the paint field, Sanxiong Aurora in the lighting field, Nuoro in the field of radiators, in order to alert the major home furnishing enterprises, not to put the quality in the first place, it will inevitably be notorious.

Quality black list protagonist 1: Nine animal husbandry faucet

Reason for the list: 18 times as high as lead

On July 14th, the "One-seventh" column of Shanghai TV Station reported on the topic "Leading Lead Shadow". Through a 32-hour experiment on 13 faucet samples, it was found that the lead content of the nine brands exceeded the national standard. Among them, Jiu Mu is ranked first in the domestic sanitary ware brand lead by 18 times the lead super scalar.

Business News Viewpoint: The "Poisonous Lead Door" incident alarmed the industry and revealed the industry secret: copper faucets all contain lead. Although the same products that Jiu Mu and other brands subsequently sent for inspection were qualified, the shadows that hang over people's minds have been difficult to eliminate for a long time, and brands such as Jiu Mu are themselves in their own problems, or they are framed by their opponents, which is even more difficult to solve.

Quality black list protagonist 2: Promethe faucet

Reason for the list: unqualified pipe thread accuracy, etc.

On July 8th, the “Quality Supervision and Inspection of Unqualified Products in 2013” ​​issued by Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Promethays unqualified products is a specification model “DN15, single handle dual control, 70101G”, production The date or batch number is “2013-1-15”, and the manufacturer is the kitchen faucet of “Zhuhai Pulemei Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd.”. The unqualified reason is that the pipe thread accuracy is unqualified and the chromium (hexavalent chromium) content exceeds the standard.

Business News Viewpoint: Many sanitary ware companies emphasize that lead indicators are qualified, but they ignore the harm that other metal elements such as chromium, manganese and arsenic may cause to people. Prometheus is based on stainless steel, and the lead content is qualified. If the chromium exceeds the standard, it will alert the enterprise, and it may make a big mistake.

Quality Black List Protagonist 3: Dunlop Furniture

Reason for listing: unqualified fiber content

On October 29th, a latex pillow with a trademark of “Dunlop”, model specification “60cm×38cm”, production date or batch number “2200028219”, and manufacturer “Denglupu Furniture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.” Unqualified to be published by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, "2013 Guangdong Province household textile products quality supervision and inspection of unqualified products and their list of manufacturers." Previously, Dunlop's two mattresses and a bed sheet were exposed by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision on May 17 and January 16.

Business News Viewpoint: Dunlopillo, the famous British mattress brand inventor and producer of the world's first latex mattress, has become a regular blacklist in China. In 2013 alone, Dunlop was on the quality blacklist three times. In five years, it was five times due to quality problems. What exclaimed the world famous brand name?

Quality Black List Protagonist 4: Fuzhidao Mattress

Reason for the list: the physical properties of the bedding material are not qualified

On December 4th, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the "Announcement of the Results of the National Supervision and Inspection Results of 36 Kinds of Product Quality in 2013", which made Fuzhidao fall into the "quality gate". A spring soft mattress manufactured by Shenzhen Dafuhao Industrial Development Co., Ltd., the specification is “1800mm×2000mm”, the model number is “838#”, and the production date/batch number is “2013-05-28/JB130504”, which is unqualified. The item is “Physical properties of the bedding material (other resilience of flexible polyurethane foam)”.

Business News Viewpoint: Fuzhi Island can't be mixed in Beijing, obviously it can't keep pace with the times. Fuzhi Island has received much attention in the list of blacklists because the chairman of its production company is He Xunzhen, the president of the Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce. The president’s own products are not qualified, so why take the lead in regulating the industry?

Quality Black List Protagonist 5: Columbini Children's Furniture

Reason for listing: structural safety is not qualified

On October 31, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued the “Announcement on Announcement of the Results of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection in the Third Quarter of 2013”. The trademark was “Columbini”, the specification model was “CV7743N”, and the production date or batch number was “ 2013-05-10", a manufacturer's "Columbini Furniture (China) Co., Ltd." children's bedside table due to structural safety (edge ​​and tip) failed to board the quality blacklist.

Business News Viewpoint: Italian furniture with a long history of design is world-famous. However, the Italian brand, which is known as the 48-year production experience, is out of control of quality. I am really sorry for the name “Italian furniture”.

Quality Black List Lead 6: Weifa Vifa Cabinet

Reason for listing: unsatisfactory corrosion resistance

On November 25th, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau issued the “2013 Provincial Graded Supervision and Inspection Quality Status Announcement for 15 Kinds of Products Such as Wood-based Panels in Guangdong Province”. One trademark is “Weifa VIFA” and the name of the manufacturing enterprise (nominal) is “Zhongshan Xiwei Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”, the model specification is “900×315×720 (mm)”, and the production date is “August 2013”. The cabinet has not passed the “corrosion resistance of general requirements”. Acetate spray test)".

Business News Viewpoint: Weifa Vifa cabinet is known as "the global technology kitchen integration expert", it successfully created a "cabinet + electrical" cooperation model with Siemens, but planted the basic accessories hanging code to make the "expert" word Industry laughter.

Quality Black List Lead 7: North American Maple Floor

Reason for listing: formaldehyde emission exceeded

On October 30, Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the “Notice on Commodity Quality Inspection in the Circulation Sector in the Third Quarter of 2013”. One of the nominal trademarks is “North American Maple” and the model number is “806mm×125.7mm×12mm”, production date. The impregnated paper laminated wooden floor which was “August 19, 2011” and the nominal production enterprise was “Jiafeng Wood (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.” was rejected as a substandard product due to excessive formaldehyde emission.

Business News Viewpoint: North American Maple official website claims that it is the preferred brand for mainstream developers of domestic fine decoration channels, and has established good cooperative relations with Vanke, Poly, Longhu and other real estate developers, but whether the "poison floor" is put into hardcover The room is worrying.

Quality Black List Lead 8: Guangdong Nippon Paint

Reason for listing: washing resistance, unacceptable ratio

On August 23, in the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the “Announcement on the Quality Supervision of Interior Decoration Materials in the Circulation Sector”, one trademark was “Guangdong Libang”, the specification was “18L/barrel”, and the production date or batch number was “ 2013/1/9”, the manufacturer is “Shanghai Sijin Coating Co., Ltd.”, the gold-plated full-effect star version of the five-in-one interior wall latex paint, the two indicators of scrub resistance and contrast ratio are unqualified.

Business News Viewpoint: Guangdong Libang was unqualified, and the nominal manufacturer Shanghai Sijin Coating Co., Ltd. and the famous Nippon Paints all denied that the products came from themselves, who made the fraud into a mystery, reflecting the unspoken rules of the paint industry. .

Quality Black List Protagonist 9: Sanxiong Aurora Lighting

Reasons for the list: durability, disturbance voltage, etc.

On March 29, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce notified the quality monitoring results of lighting equipment in the circulation field. A model specification produced by Guangdong Dongsong Sanxiong Electric Co., Ltd. was “PAK192335” and the batch number was “February 27, 2011”. The Sanxiong Aurora brand ceiling lamp was blacklisted due to three indicators of durability, disturbance voltage and harmonic current.

Business newspaper's point of view: In the 13 months before the quality blacklist, Sanxiong Aurora also climbed the blacklist of the quality inspection departments in various places with various quality problems. This not only makes you lose face, but also makes the lighting industry shame.

Quality Black List Lead 10: Nuoro Radiator

Reason for listing: unsatisfactory distance from the same side of the import and export center

On December 4, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the "Announcement on the Results of National Supervision and Sampling of 36 Kinds of Product Quality in 2013", a trademark "Nuo Luo", the company name is "Zhejiang Nuoro Radiator Co., Ltd.", specifications The steel tube type sanitary heating radiator with the model number "NDHB-15/045" and the production date/batch number "2013-04-13" has become the quality black list due to the unbalanced thread entrance precision of the same side. Sitting on the guest.

Viewpoint: Nuoro is famous in the industry and claims to be a symbol of “newness, energy saving, consumption reduction, environmental protection and artistic radiator”. However, such a leading brand of technology has problems in the basic projects and is intriguing.

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